Barefoot Woodland Walk

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by RT19, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. RT19

    RT19 Member

    I went for a barefoot woodland walk the other day and it was absolutely fantastic. I'll be doing it more often.

    I just loved the mud ouzing between my toes in the muddy patches, the feel of the wet autumn leaves that were sticking to my soles, the crunching noise the twigs made as I stepped on them.

    It was a great experience.
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  2. nuspieds

    nuspieds Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Barefoot in the woods is really sensual and downright dirty fun! Do it!
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  3. RT19

    RT19 Member

    Yes it was an amazing sensual walk. There were lots of leaves and twigs on the ground that felt great! Even the walk back down the gravel path was wonderful.
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  4. nuspieds

    nuspieds Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Just like me, you probably had mud on your soles, protecting u from the "sticky bits"! Barefooting is SO much fun!
  5. RT19

    RT19 Member

    Yes I still had mud on my soles and dried mud up to my ankles. As you say barefooting is too much fun.
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  6. I'd agree with this. I've done it occasionally and it's one of the most intense yet calming experiences.
  7. goodearth

    goodearth Member

    Bare feet get muddy, but don't get bogged up like boots do.
  8. bunnygirl

    bunnygirl available in taiwan

    you just need watch for foreign objects like glass in places like the woods. i love the feeling of mud between my toes. i go everywhere barefoot so am always mindful of things that can cut me.
  9. bfe2012

    bfe2012 Barefooter

    Im always trying to go on my barefoot hikes every other day. Who needs hiking shoes?
  10. barefootconservative

    barefootconservative Summertime barefooter

    Not me.
  11. barefootben85

    barefootben85 Member

    Now is a great time of year with the autumn leaves, soft mud and cool surfaces.
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  12. wilsjane

    wilsjane Member

    Not to mention when you come across the glowing embers of a bonfire and you just tread them out with your tough soles.
  13. barefootben85

    barefootben85 Member

    Never come across glowing embers, but have walked through the remains of a bonfire once cold. Awesome experience, love getting my soles black and rubbing my feet over each other to get the tops black too.

    Mind you I have been to a bonfire barefoot, its great as its dark, cold and muddy - but them toasty when stood near the bonfire. My friends think I am mad, but I don't care. I dont seem to feel the cold, to be honest I don't wrap up that warm either when I go to a bonfire, only wear jeans with no boxers, a thick jumper and a thick coat. Nothing else.
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  14. wilsjane

    wilsjane Member

    I wore leather jeans at bonfires a few times. letting the embers just burn out when they land on them without having to worry about them catching alight feels awesome. I have also had a few scorches on my Levi's doing the same, but again no worries about them burning through.
  15. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    bonfire remains are one thing i pretty much refuse to walk through barefoot, and i'm iffy about it with shoes. too many pallets or furniture items get burned, and you end up with nails and wood staples hiding in the ashes.
  16. bfe2012

    bfe2012 Barefooter

    Same. I walked on cold remains. Making my soles and feet jet black.

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