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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by bttf101, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. If you ever have been outside barefoot at school or something when you were the age of 8-13,
    please tell your stories about it.
    include reactions in the stories. Thanks.
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    I was born barefoot.
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    i dont know if my story pertains to that but i do have BF story that happend to me about a week ago that i would like to share....

    I was in the ghetto here in VA because me and a friend wanted to go try out the Popeye's Chicken resturant that just opend here (yes i never had Popeyes before till last week) anyway as soon as i went to go in the lady told me i had to have shoes on wich would of been fine but i saw a kid that looked like he was 5 years old running around in there with no shoes i asked the lady what about that kid..she wouldnt even anser and kept going on about how I had to have shoes i gave my firend money and he got us food and i still ate there just outside on the tables they have out there....i could of e-mailed corprate or something but fuck was feeling good so i let it go
  4. I would have emailed the owner of the buisness and have them talk to her.

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