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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by nakedfeetguy, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. nakedfeetguy

    nakedfeetguy Member

    Recently I decided to go barefoot on the train into town.
    I walked barefootedly from my flat to the train station then bought a ticket and waited on the platform.
    I felt a bit nervous and self-conscious at being without shoes on a public train station so I walked up and down the platform a few times while I waited for the train to arrive.
    I didn't want to make eye contact with any of the people on the platform so I stared down at my shoeless feet as I walked and I could see that the ground underneath them was filthy and I knew that my bare soles would be filthy with grime.
    I could see out of the corner of my eye that some people were staring at me, especially as it was just after rush hour and there were lots of smarly dressed office workers on their way to work and here I was in just a t-shirt, shorts and bare feet!
    It felt embarassing not being fully dressed with shoes on as I usually would when catching a train, but it also felt exciting and very liberating.
    When the train arrived I stepped on barefootedly then walked softly to a seat, my bare soles padding the floor.
    As the train left the station I felt really excited because I knew there was no going back.
    I decided I wanted to show off the soles of my feet so I crossed my leg so that the dirty sole of my bare right foot was visible to the passenger sitting next to me.
    The unclean sole of my bare foot was covered in grime from my filthy heel to my grubby toes.
    I felt great at being so dirty-footed!
    I noticed the woman sitting next to me cast a sideways glance at the unhygienic sole of my bare foot so I apoligised for my bare feet and offered to put my foot back on the floor so she wouldn't have to look at my dirty sole.
    The woman said that is okay but asked whether I had lost my shoes.
    I replied no and that I was on a day off work and was heading into town for the day so had decided to go in bare feet so I would be more comfortable.
    I felt strange having the dirty bare sole of my foot on display to a stranger as it is such a personal part of my body but it also felt great to be without my shoes on.
    When I eventually arrived in town I got off the train then walked to the other platform to catch the train home.
    I sat on the platform feeling great at having gone into town completely barefoot.
  2. WoWnerd

    WoWnerd Member

    lol, wow, i woulda never done that i care too much about what people think i guess.
  3. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    Dont worry about what people think, theyre your feet, do what you want with them. If people dont like it they dont have to look.
  4. shedtroll

    shedtroll Peace, Love & Linux

    Sounds alot like my experience of first time barefooting, once you do it, you get over it....
  5. WoWnerd

    WoWnerd Member

    yeah i guess its just the way i was raised to look good. but i think feeling good is more important, but still its like breaking a habbit
  6. nakedfeetguy

    nakedfeetguy Member

    Today I went barefoot again, caught two trains but due to it being a Sunday there weren't many people on the train.
    I caught a few sideways glances at my bare feet, but not as many as I would have expected.
    Probably being a Sunday it is a more relaxing day so maybe people aren't as surprised to see someone barefoot on the train.
    I walked all around my local suburb barefoot, my soles got a bit dirty but not too bad.
    I have attached a few photos of my feet taken after today's train trips.
  7. jagerhans

    jagerhans Far out, man. Lifetime Supporter

    mmh, i understand your feelings nfg, my goal is to be comfortable and dont give a fuck about what other people think though, otherwise barefooting turns into an additional source of stress.

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