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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by barefootdude, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. barefootdude

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    Other than life guard (which is obvious), what other jobs out there can be done barefoot? How many of you actually go to work barefoot and remain barefoot all day?
  2. BobbyGayBoi

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    I teach in a private school and have gone to school and taught barefoot.

  3. seohsreven

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    This subject was dealt with to some extent in this thread. I'll stand by my final statement there that starting your own company is the best option. Cool Spruce, like me, is self-employed and has spoken out most eloquently on the subject.
  4. Barefoot Matthew

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    Computer graphics - I specifically chose a creative field because of the lack of "dress code". I've never gone so far as to do a job interview barefoot, but I don't think it would be seen as a negative if I had. Maybe one day I'll test that theory. :p
  5. Kees

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    I had a barefoot job for over a year on a farm,I attended the farmshop where we sold our products and served lunches, drinks and icecream and also did accounting there.
    Never wore shoes and only got supportive remarks.

  6. Cool Spruce

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    And our climates are so very different! I, being in the much colder one, and working outside, but it works. Longer barefoot season than one might think, even though the winter is long. I think most of my clients now expect to see me this way, for half the year. Some envy it, some don't seem to envy or want it for themselves yet nonetheless admire it. If any client does not like it, I don't know about it. Stores remain the only problem; afterall, I live in America. But some of us are undermining that part of America, one person at a time.

    We're at the point in the year where the remaining snow is as hard as some kinds of rock, and thus it's normal to walk on top of it. But it's still cold to walk on for very long. Chacos, to cut down on heat draw. The guys on the crews I work with are used to it now. It's cold enough to snow some this evening, but the days really aren't cold like mid winter any more. Yesterday the sun was out and I wore no sandals. Intervals of snow and bare ground. Absolutely delicious. People don't know what they are missing.

    For much of what I do in the summer, I'm almost ready to declare barefoot required. Those moss, lichen, and fern gardens---
  7. enjoylifeasmuchasyou

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    I'm a free lance radio programm maker and as soon as I arrive on my work place, shoes and socks go out (or - like today - I wear flip flops, still easier). Most colleagues are used to this. Soon, I also will go TO my work barefoot, but right now it's still too cold for that, although I walk barefoot a lot outside.

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