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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by kozlove2, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. kozlove2

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    Hi, I want to spend a week in Rome, Italy in June totaly barefoot. Is there someone, who were here or someone, who lives there? Do you have some experiences with going barefoot in Rome? Thanks for answers.
  2. BareCris

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    Me and my girlfriend will probably be in Italy by then, we can consider meeting, let's keep in touch!
  3. jagerhans

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    expect some annoyance , and try *NOT* to look like the gypsy or you are going to face some serious risk. right now for instance, the local principal is carrying out a deliberate campaign of hate (and demolitions) against the outcasts because of two cases of rape and as a result there are a few bands of excited bald people -in addition to the resident thugs- chasing hobos, gypsy etc. just yesterday they raided a kebab snack bar and wounded 4 with clubs and knives. it is a long time since I got used to get all sorts of insults each time i go to Rome , all related to my appearance (fairly long hair-bare feet) and dont think that things will go any better for this summer. consider taking a trip to Florence instead (it is awfully hot and suffocating in summer but waAay less dangerous). too bad, huh? ;) oh and btw i live not so far from there.
  4. Barefoot Guy

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