Barefoot hippie in the arctic

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    Hi I'am a long haired Latvian hippie freek who is a 24/7 barefooter during the short but sometimes hot arctic summers.I am the only barefooter outdoors in the summertime.I am looking forward to barefooting in the summertime.Last summer they repaved some of the steets in town.I enjoyed going for long walks on them .When I go on long barefoot walks on hot summer days I like to play psychedelic music from the 60"s on my diskman.Barrfoot season is short in this town 210km(130miles)north of the arctic circle.where I have live since 1983 and work only at barefoot friendly jobs like dispatching taxi cabs right now.Barefoot season is short up here from about the end of May till Labour day in September.But it can still get hot up here in the summer at times in the 30"s(90'sF).They say this part of mother earth is warming up more then any other part of the world.But in the winter time it still gets to below -40 at times.In the winter I ware arctic winter boots with no socks.when I enter any building that shoes are not allowed so as to not mudy their floor or wet snow like the library or hairstylists.I take my boot off and go barefoot,most people here take boots off indoos and go in their socks during the winter.In the spring when it starts to warm up it gets vary mud in town but it's still too cold to go barefoot outdoors I ware shoes and socks out doors.but I remove my shoes and socks too when I enter any place that shoes are not permit to keep the mud out,most other people ware socks.but during the short hot and dusty summer many people ware sandlas out doors.they remove them when they enter a place where shoes are not allowed and go barefoot but only indoors.I go barefoot 24/7 out doors normally with shorts,tie dye tank top,peace sign,love beads and head band.If allowed I would go total nude all summer I don"t care what any one thinks or talks about me I am just a kind,peacefull hippie who loves mother earth.
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    Wow!!! Barefooting in NWT, I'm impressed, and I swear that Im never going to complain about it being too cold to barefoot, although I also just barefoot in the summer, and in short periods during the winter. Damn cold climates:sunglasse

    Peace and Love,

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