Barefoot hike through snow and muck :)

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by shaggie, Jan 2, 2005.

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    I was out for a new years hike on the trails near syracuse ny yestarday (1/3/05) the temp was 37f it was very wet everywhere and due to the moisture mf feet did go numb. Water is an excelent conductor of heat and pulls the warmth from your toes quickly. After the first hour my metabolism incresed and I was comfortable and having fun walking and jogging on the trails. I hiked and ran for a total of more than five miles. One dog walker I passed was surprised and said " no shoes ?" I replied "not for me, this is so much more fun". A couple of dudes jogged past me and I did hear them say something about walking barefoot but didn't hear any negativity they seemed awestruck, it was difficult to hear as they had run on ahead. Many Canadian Geese have come south and have landed on the lake here, their droppings are everywhere but easily avoided. I hope to read more posts from adventurous barefooters who aren't put off by less than ideal conditions. I'm sure the snow will return this month and I'll update the forum on my barefooting adventures. Archie
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