Barefoot experiences (First Post)

Discussion in 'Bare It! Nudism and Naturism' started by Jake, Jan 27, 2005.

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    Pleased to meet everyone here. I've been lurking for awhile on this site because some of the topics are so fun to read!

    I guess the barefoot thing sort of strikes close to the heart because when I was growing up (not too long ago, really) my Mom (who was always kind of a neat-freak) never allowed my sister and I to go barefoot around the house or outside. She made us take our shoes off when we came in, but we always had to keep our socks on or wear slippers. I know, it's really weird. She is actually really cool in other ways, and my parents were never abusive or anything like that, it was just one of those strange quirks that some people have.

    Anyway, I used to hate it! Whenever I'd go over to my grandparents or my aunt's house or especially my friends' houses, and it was warm out, my shoes and socks came off! What was awkward was that I was so conditioned to the idea that going barefoot was rude, I would normally ask discreetly, but only if my friend had his shoes off or it was a relative's house.

    Pretty much everyone was cool with it. My best friend's mother always told me, "if it's hot out, please, take them off and go barefoot." That was nice, because he had a big yard and running around on the lawn in bare feet (especially after being in school all day) was incredible.

    The only real funny moment was once when my aunt (by marriage) was giving me a haircut. She was a hairstylist who took several years off to raise a couple toddlers but continued giving haircuts out of her home to earn extra money. Since she always gave me a discount and she cut hair incredibly well, I used to go to her when I was in High School. Anyway, one afternoon it's really warm out and I had just come from school and I really wanted to take my shoes off but I felt kind of awkward since I was only going to be there for maybe 30-45 minutes at most. So I was sort of being silly and hinting how warm it was and how my feet hurt and all that. Finally she just stopped cutting and demanded that I take my shoes and socks off. She said, "this haircut will not continue until you are in bare feet! Take them off!" I swear, this is a true story. It was really funny, and actually a little sexy (I sort of had a crush on her at the time, she was an aunt by marriage after all!!)

    Anyway, as ridiculous as all this is, has anyone here ever had to ask relatives, friend's parents whether they could go barefoot? Better yet, has anyone here ever been encouraged to lose their shoes and socks?

    By the way, since being out on my own, I do not wear shoes unless I'm at work.
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    Welcome Jake. I really enjoyed reading your post here, especially when your aunt by marriage made you get barefoot! I agree, it's kind of sexy!

    When I was young I once remember asking my mother if I could go barefoot, but growing up I was a shoe and sock person. It wasn't until my dating years that I really got into going barefoot due the fact that my first girlfriend hated shoes. I can remember a few times where she actually removed my shoes and socks herself to make me go barefoot.

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