Bardo Pond

Discussion in 'Psychedelic and Garage' started by Canopy Catch, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Canopy Catch

    Canopy Catch Member

    This thread'll probably fall off the map in no time at all, but it must be stated:


    Check them out!!!

    They've released many albums over the past decade... try Amanita or Lapsed or On the Ellipse. Or anything, really.

    Go go go!!!
  2. mrtfc

    mrtfc Member

    Shit website though ...I went to the Bardo Pond website awhile ago to find out stuff about record releases and just got confused..maybe I was tired.. I'm going back there now.
  3. ChromeSmoke

    ChromeSmoke Member

    Must keep this thread alive!!!
    Amanita is such an amazing album, infact im listening to it now
  4. Robojangles

    Robojangles Member

    Yeah I agree, great band. I was very close to seeing one of their shows once... anyone ever catch them live?
  5. zen_arcade

    zen_arcade Banned

    good drug music. :)

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