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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by roberteggleton, May 21, 2007.

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    for advertising a fun project that prevents child maltreatment -- now that was not hip! Then I got lost in the routine, and just now found my way home (reference to Blind Faith song, in case your not as old as me).

    I'm a therapist in a children's mental health program and got so tired of there not being enough money to help victims of child abuse that I started my own fund-raiser. Author proceeds are donated to a charity. E-mail me and I'll verify anything, so that you don't, apparently like the admin, previously thought I was spam.

    I'm afraid to say too much because I don't want banned again -- it is for the kids, afterall, so I must control myself.

    What has raised the most money has been my debut novel, which just got a 5th review by a very famous author. But, I've raised a little with some off-shoots -- an essay, a couple of short stories (they're hardly worth writing if the goal is to make money for you or a cause), a local fund raiser, etc.

    If the admin doesn't threaten to zap me again (in which case I'll become lost in cyberspace self-promotion -- again), I'll let you know more about Lacy Dawn Adventures (the title of the project -- an empowered victim) and the novel. I'm struggling with the sequel, in part because I'm dead tired after I get home from work. If you have any energy, it's probably more than I have and the kids are alright (Who reference) -- please help in anyway you can, including in your local communities. There's a wonderful program called CASA - court appointed special advocate -- the Bikers Against Child Abuse, several of whom bought my novel, run some of them in some states, not mine. Whatever, these kids need somebody on their sides, and it's totally hip.
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    There are appropriate forums here to promote yourself - a writer's forum for writers, a crafts forum for crafters, etc. If you plug yourself in the right outlets, I'm sure you won't be banned. Despite good intentions, many people view posting things in wrong forums as spam, therefore measures are taken to control it. It's the way it works for all of us!

    Welcome to the forums! Glad to see you've come back! I look forward to hearing about your work!

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