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Discussion in 'Music' started by sweet_child, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. sweet_child

    sweet_child Member

    which bands are similar to Pf, and i dont mean the late 60s pf, e.g piper at the gates of dawn, saucerful of secrets type music (though it is realy good)

    i mean stuff like the music on the Wall.

    anyway thanks for any replys:)
  2. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    check out queensryche
  3. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    I am not sure I heard anybody that did floyd after floyd..I will wrack my brain and get back at ya.....
  4. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    Archive is a trip hop/rock band from the UK which are often compared to pink floyd...I can clearly see an influence there...I found this review on a progressive rock website

    on the website there's a mp3 of one of the best songs they have called "Again"...check it out, it's the closest to PF that I've come accross ;)

    EDIT: here's the band's website..they have samples of their songs as well
  5. methos

    methos Member

    There is no one with a similar sound to pink floyd, and trying to find one cheapens the original sound of pink floyd
  6. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    forget sounding like floyd, but try out spiritualized. nothing like floyd but a floyd fan would approve.
  7. meishka

    meishka Grease Munky

    being eugene is a local band here where i live. the lead singer loves pink floyd and plays in the same style
  8. yamamamo

    yamamamo Member

    Eugene as in Careful With That Axe?
  9. Time to plug my favorite band of alltime Porcupine Tree , often heralded as "the new Pink Floyd" in their early years. I would recommend giving "the sky moves sideways" a spin, I can guarantee you that it will blow you away..

    Their sound has varied A LOT through the years though, from truly psychedelic ("on the sunday of life" ; "yellow hedgerow dreamscape" ; "up the downstair") through progrock ("the sky moves sideways" an to a lesser extent "signify") , modern rock ("Lightbulb sun" ; "stupid dream") to "the beatles meet pinkfloyd with tool playing in the background" (ïn Absentia). Mastermind Steven Wilson has often been quoted saying that he has an "unhealthy fascination with Ummagumma" and it shows in the music that PT has produced throughout the years.
  10. I've heard people say Nektar is the german rendition of pink floydness. To me they're close.

    and kick ass progressive link Zeppelina
  11. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    Excellent! Someone mentioned Nektar and I second that! Check out Journey to the Center of the Eye and Remember the Future. Great 70s (hard) space rock

    Early stuff by the Soft Machine is much like Floyd. In fact, the two bands use to chill a lot in the late 60s and I think they toured a bit too.

    If you are looking for pure spacey music, than sensations fix is like an Italian version of floyd. Fragments of Light is the cd I have by them.

    Gong is a jazzier, funnier version of Floyd and are also very good. Check out You or The Flying Teapot. Essential 70s space fusion.

    Ash ra tempel is a german band. I'd have to say they are a mix between Cream and Floyd. Except they are more primitive sounding and almost all instrumental. Their self titled debut album is very good.

    If you like early psychadelic music like Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, than Arcadium or Arzachel are very good late 60s bands. In fact, Tomorrow is much like a mix between Pipers at the Gates of Dawn and some of the Beatles work.

    Camel and Caravan are similar to pink floyds more symphonic work and sometimes the singer from Camel reminds me of Floyd's vovals. For Camel, check out Mirage, Snow Goose and Rain Dances.

    Speaking of Gong, Steve Hillage's early s/t work is very spacey much like a lot of Floyds 70s work.

    Eloy is the German Floyd, more so than Nektar I'd have to say. To a lesser extent, Novalis.

    Far East Family Band are from Japan, I think, and take influence from Pink Floyd.

    Pulsar is very much like Pink Floyd. Check out halloween, late 70s gem.

    Focus is a famous 70s Dutch band that plays mostly instrumental work and sounds similar to Floyd in some ways but are much more symphonic and tend to jam out a little more.

    Hawkwind is one of the most under rated bands and certianlly has some in common with Pink Floyd. Check them out as they are essential 70s space rock.

    lyrically, Van der Graaf Generator is on par with Floyds brilliance but were under rated and were mostly in Pink Floyds, Genesis' and others shadows. If you like VDGG though, Island is a great band with dark, emotional lyrics.

    Jade Warrior in the 70s plays music similar to Floyds more calm moments.

    Sebastian Hardie is a 70s Aulstrilian band that takes influence from Floyd, Genesis, Yes and many of the other prog giants.

    Actually, be sure to check out Yes as well.

    I'd have to say that is it. Those are all very good, under rated (for the most part) 70s space and symphonic rock. If you can't find some of it, IM me on aim at pinkfloydmeddle5 and you can get files from me off that, I allow sharing, as long as you have a good conncection.
  12. yamamamo

    yamamamo Member

    Wow Carl I'll chek those out. Should keep me busy for a while :)
  13. wrine420

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    I don't know what to say as far as Pink Floyd, because they are one in a million. But here are some other suggestions for those that do like that type of progressive or prog rock. While they don't have the same exactly sound as PF, I think you might like them.

    If you're into the concept album type of thing, I'd highly suggest The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium. It has fits of slow chilled out music, then trippy stuff, and hardcore rock. The entire album was based around the life of one of their friends who died. And the lyrics are almost impossible to decifer, with numerous meanings. Very good addition to any music collection. Heres a site for some samples

    My favorite lyric of the Mars Volta is "One day this chalkline will circle this city."

    Dredg is also another great group. I am amazed some times how fresh this band is. The drumming in parts is almost tribal (which I love) and the guitar work is amazing, all which work well in the kind of music they play. I'd suggest checking out El Cielo; very good album.

    Hope that helped a bit :)

    By the way, this Archive band is kicking my ass. Thanks for that one.

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