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  1. Meh, so tonight I was out in the park on a bench rolling a blunt with another kid... anyways, a narcotics tactical unit came up on us, he had another bag of weed on him. It sucked. I had 2 knives of mine, and a Swiss Army knife stolen by the fucking pig. He comes up and starts calling me a piece of shit, etc. I said "can you please not insult me" and then he starts being sarcastic "aw I"m sorry I hurt you" then goes on about my attitude problem. They treated the other kid with me (who was black) like a piece of shit, even more than they did me, and... basically, the only criminal here is the fucking Seargent who illegally took my Swiss Army knife.

    It just sucks... my mom is kinda pissed at me.
  2. Whoa, that sucks hardcore man... You should report that pig or something.
  3. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    that sucks man. you should def. make a complaint to get your knife back.

    did the cop find the weed?
  4. I'm going through internal affairs. The officer who STOLE my stuff is a criminal... I am not, smoking is not a crime.

    I was wrapping the tobacco leaf off my blunt... the other kid was smoking his, and he kept offering it to me, but I was fine with just doing my own... but I finally took 4 hits. At least he got to be blazed up, though he did get a bag taken, so...
  5. That pisses me off when cops act like jackasses. It's bad enough to have your weed taken, but there is no need for an officer to treat you like an inferior being and steal your knife.
  6. Yea... a bunch of people we both knew (we being me and the kid I was busted with) walked by, and anyways, the cops are like "get the fuck away now or we'll book you too, fuckin scumbags"... and while we were being arrested, they were just being like "Fuckin scumbags" whenever black or latino males with jeans shorts and a white shirt would walk by..
  7. WeeDMaN

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    I live by 3 words:
    Fuck Tha Police.

    I cant stand em, I see em and I get angry, because in My eyes, we as civilians, should have our own choice whether to do drugs or not. The police think they are in charge of everyone, and think they can just take anything from neone.
  8. BigBong

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    uh, from the sounds of it.. You didnt get arrested.. They took your dope and your knife.. called your parents?? Why all the hate??

    It doesnt matter if you agree with a law in the US.. You still have responsibilitys to obey them.. The cops do their job by enforcing the law.. Cops have familys too.. They are just doing their job..
  9. I was cuffed in the back of a police cruiser.

    The Nazis were just "doing their job" too. Some jobs, no moral people should do, such as jobs that involve arresting people for posession of a plant! Worse yet, the fact that they have to stand their and talk shit to me is simply unaccetable. The other kid said something like "please don't book me" and the cop was like "shut up before I just smack you." It's nasty shit the police do.

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