badly drawn boy

Discussion in 'Music' started by miami musician, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    really good band, lemme tell you... when i listen to their album the hour of bewilderbeast, i can hear so many different influences in their sound. some songs sound like they should've been written 30 years ago, others sound like they're straight out of the nirvana age. the melodies are really catchy i think. if you haven't heard of them, check them out.
  2. Do they have a website or something?
  3. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

  4. yes, badly drawn boy are just great - they also reign supreme on the soundtrack for 'About a Boy'.
  5. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    badly drawn boy is just one guy.
    His first album, The Hour Of Bewilderbeast is incredible, after that it just goes downhill...
  6. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    one guy? wow, thanks for lettin me know man... :eek:

    i feel pretty embarassed now.

    but i have to disagree man, i think one plus one is a good album too. i mean, hour of the bewilderbeast is the best one i've heard so far, but i want to hear more. any other albums available?

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