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    hi guys,
    i have taken acid 5 times now in the space of 2 years and enjoyed all of them but the reason im writing this now is because a month ago i had bad trip after taking 2 hits, what happened was i took acid with two good friends but during the course of the night we kinda freaked out and somehow the conclusion we came to was take a little more, i have no idea why anymore, i just remember being handed it and laughing and stuff thinking it would b alright from then on.

    obviously we had what seemed like an infinite amount of time to ponder about what we had done and there was a point when we all knew what we were thinking and it freaked us the hell out, then we came to the conclusion that all we needed was sleep to get rid of the trip,me and my friend ended up staying awake the whole time while my other friend somehow managed to sleep. when the next day came we were still tripping and it was a very confusing day, anyway i talked to my best friend and he decided to trip sit us with a few friends. we went out to them and the bad trip became even worse because i didnt know the people my best friend was was a really weird day and i noticed that my best friend was really uncomfortable. when i went home that day it was horribly awkward talking to my family and stayed away from them the rest of the day i remember thinking i might aswell enjoy the rest of my trip but what happened was i ended up trying everything i did normally to feel normal but it didnt work, and when i tried to sleep again it was just as bad the first time but in the end i slept for a few hours when i woke i felt as though it still wasnt normal and everything i tried to do the previous day left horrible memorise i did everything i would do normally, so it made reality really confusing.
    skipping to the present what has been going on since, is that i cant communicate with anybody like i used to including my family and close friends
    its the most horrible thing to have happened in my life, everyone i talk to notices a change in the way i am now, i also havent had a proper cycle of sleep and the friends i did it with eventualy came out of it as did i just now i have really bad anxiety like when your having a bad trip, it happens when i try to go to sleep and when i try to commune so its like i have lost myself, although i dont feel suicidal or anything i just want the awkwardness to go away
    please give me some positive feedback or advice
    thanks :)
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    Well thank you for being honest... Im sorry you had a bad experience!!

    I hope you like it here :)

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