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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by babyoilsex, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. babyoilsex

    babyoilsex Guest

    Who else enjoys sex or masturbation with baby oil ?
  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I just use olive oil for anal play or sometimes just applying some to me penis for masturbation. Haven't used baby oil anytime.
  3. You might want to check out this older thread on the topic, Babyoilsex.

    I've had some good times with baby oil in the past. But having tried olive oil instead a few months back per NZ's suggestion on the old thread, I personally found it a big improvement over baby oil in texture/feeling and smell don't see myself going back to baby oil.
  4. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    Normally I don't require any lube at all when masturbating, but whenever I use my FleshLight it's obviously essential, and has to be water based, because off the material. However, I can't always go all the way with the FleshLight & have to resort to straightforward hand masturbation. The problem here, though, is that once my penis has been lubed then it has to be kept wet, either by adding more, or applying some spit. If I don't, then it starts to get sticky & takes on a rough texture, which can be quite uncomfortable to the glans which, by this time, has already been highly sensitised.
  5. PhotoDude

    PhotoDude Member

    I used Baby Oil once. Didn't really cared for it that much. I think lotion is better.
  6. i find that starting off with a water based lube and moving to, say, Vaseline, can offer a nice, different effect too. Haven't tried that yet with water based lube and the olive oil. I need to get on that...
  7. BeachBoner

    BeachBoner Member

    GELLED baby oil - Johnson and Johnson - you'll be firing loads over your shoulder!
  8. cragsdick

    cragsdick Member

    I was introduced to Baby Oil by a guy in a London cinema club as we wanked off together. Have been using it ever since especially when edging for an hour or two. Heavier oils like olive oil sound messy to me but will give them a try and report back!
  9. I DID pick up some of the Johnson's gel -- "shea and cocoa butter" variety. Actually, currently working some J&J gel around an erection right NOW with my left hand as I type VERY slowly with my right hand. ;)

    You really have to use a lot of that stuff to keep it really slick, But even just a little that soaks in after a few minutes and leaves soft, silky skin feels great too.

    I also recently tried coconut oil for the first time, which also has its own unique feel. Recommended!
  10. swaffles

    swaffles Member

    Olive oil, or actually straight up vegetable oil. It may smell like you are cooking something but the feel is great. And a little goes a long way, particularly with the vegetable oil. Lasts a long time too.
  11. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    But leaves stains on what ever you lay on thou & unless you use something you can dispose of afterwards
  12. Or unless you jack off standing up. (With oil, I usually use it with close access to a shower, so I'm usually standing up in the bathroom. A rag underneath to catch drips is not a bad idea.)
  13. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member

    I have given numerous erotic full body massages with baby oil in the past, all of course ended with a vigorous and enthusiastic round of oily, slippery, mind blowing sex. I have not tried other oils except for a suntan oil that said it contained coconut oil. It was very nice. I would say more but that is part of another post that I want to make.
  14. Don't hold back, man! What do you have for us?
  15. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I find a pre-wash spray of Vanish liquid gets rid of all stains. Brilliant stuff.
  16. cragsdick

    cragsdick Member

    Have now tried olive oil & other cooking oils - they all feel the same to me. After all oil is oil whatever the bottle says. I still much prefer Baby Oil for less mess and a much nicer smell - so I will be buying some more soon as I am beginning to run out with all this jerking off!
  17. Rholder1975

    Rholder1975 Guest

  18. NorCalMan

    NorCalMan Guest

    Try Stroke 29 ... great stuff!
  19. Shale

    Shale ~

    My foreskin makes lubricants unnecessary. No mess, just the gliding of membranous loose skin up & down my cock. :)
  20. jermy85

    jermy85 Guest

    You know what baby oil is maybe nice but recently I tried this awesome lube that a friend has recommended and let me tell you something, this is so much better:)
    I got this specific cool tingle by wet. Maybe its all in my mind but it feels like I last longer with it too.

    Anyways its not the first lube I tried and I loved it a lot more than baby oil or soap.

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