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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by forwardventure, May 22, 2007.

  1. Now, I hate to be such a grouch, and don't get me wrong, usually I'd fawn over baby birds, but these little buggers are driving me nuts! There's this tree right outside my bedroom window and the birds have taken up residence just above my window. I can hear them screeching constantly, expecially in the AM hours, and when I approach my window the baby birds tend to stop their chattering, but then the parent will come into an adjacent tree and start in with her warning screech until I leave my bedroom, or get completely out of sight!

    That in itself is horribly annoying, but this is what is really bugging me and what I've come to ask about. I don't have air conditioning in my home and often it gets very warm, and my bedroom is also the only room I can smoke in, so I frequently need to put a fan into my window. As you can imagine this is a definate no-go with mama bird. It doesn't seem to directly bother the babies, but if their mom is too agitated to tend to them it's obviously not going to be healthy for them. Should I sacrifice the use of my window fan, and sometimes the use of my bedroom so that these baby birds can thrive, or should I continue with my life as normal and hope that the birds learn to adapt? I don't mean to sound incompassionate, I just don't know if I'm being silly for thinking that my behavior is effecting the lives of these birds so much.
  2. They won't be there for too long. I would advise doing anything to upset the mother and make her leave her babies. I have to deal with the crows screaming at 5am, but I would miss them if they weren't there.
  3. birds leaving their babies or eggs due to disturbances is largely a myth. they will not abondon them if you touch them or the eggs, in fact, if babies fall out of the nest the parents will continue feeding them and trying to defend them where ever they land. if you make the area inhabitable for any reason, of course she will leave, but a fan isnt likely to make her take off unless its really really disturbing her. its the same with chickens lol i have a momma hen right now who just hatched little ones last night. she defends them pretty fiercely but i can grab them out from under her, play with them and put them back, she just clucks over them a bit and pushes them under her and forgets about it :)
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    Mama birds are nervous, but I doubt if you putting a fan in your window would make the mama abandon her babies. I would suggest maybe putting it in at night when birds tend to be sleeping. The birds will get used to the noise pretty quick.....we had a similar issue with doves...the mom left for a while, but was across the street the entire time watching her nest. When she realized we weren't a threat she returned.
  5. Woohoo! The babies finally left a few days ago! I pretty much just kept living like normal, except when the wind was blowing in the direction of the nest I wouldn't smoke out my window as to save them from any second hand smoke. Here's two pics of the little cuties taken on May 25th. They left about two days later.


    Thanks for the replies! And may the baby birds let you sleep! :)
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    theres these 2 annoying birds that make noise outside our window at 4 am in the morning. i love all animal esp wild life animals but i also love my sleep too.:party:
  7. aww theyre so cute! im glad it worked out :)

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