B.B. King's Influence

Discussion in 'Music' started by Jim, Jun 6, 2004.

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    He really is the king of the blues to me... When I listen to all my blues records, from the Paul Butterfield stuff with Mike Bloomfield to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac to Johnny Winter etc.. You can hear B.B's licks and runs creeping their way into all these great guitarist's repertoirs..

    He had/has such a distinct sound and tone that you can pick a B.B. solo out of the crowd, no matter who's playing it..

    To quote a line from http://allmusic.com ..

    "A contemporary blues guitar solo without at least a couple of recognizable King-inspired bent notes is all but unimaginable."

    Anyway.. This post isn't really going anywhere apart from me tippin' my hat to the great B.B. :)
  2. Yeah, his tone is definitely recognizable.

    the thing I like about his playing is that it's simple, not trying to be over-the-top, and it talks to you like a blues solo should.

    From what I've read he's a rather humble man, too. Wish that could rub off on some other artists.
  3. I saw B.B. King this weekend at the Clapton Crossroads guitar festival, It was awesome. He was joined on stage by Jimmie Vaughan,Eric Clapton,Buddy Guy,and John Mayer. Awesome jam session.
  4. man, I'm jealous!! I wanted to go to that SOOOOO bad!!

    what an awesome jam -- glad YOU got to go

    I wish the show would come to Denver, although BB usually comes through here once every couple years, the line-up is not as great as the Crossroads Festival.
  5. yeah it was a great show, got to see alot of cool artists. bb king,buddy guy,clapton,jimmie vaughan, carlos santana, zz top. It was cool. The best parts were when the artists joined other artists on stage. Clapton got on stage with santana, wow it was awesome.

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