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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by indigorainhemp, May 26, 2004.

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    Hello ~ I have some questions about Hemp Fabric for those of you who sew with hemp fabric. Where do you generally get the fabric & what is the average cost per yard?? What is considered a "good deal"? Do you buy 100% hemp or a mix? (i.e 52% hemp 42% cotton)
    Any certain type of weave that you prefer??
    What is the opionion on Hemp Twill Fabric vs. Linen fabric??
    Just doing some research on Hemp Fabric and what better place to get the info then straight from the crafters! I really appriciate any help or advice you can offer.
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    I am in a coop or I go to I usually get hemp muslin and summercloth and it is about $6-7 a yard.
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    so nice... :) just found out there's such a thing as hemp yarn as well.... (you'd think I know that!)... so nice to see so many natural options...
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    I'm in a coop that is actually designed for people making cloth diapers. They sell a lot of cool stuff though. I just bought 8 yards of hemp jersey to make summer t-shirts and shorts for my little guy. They also have hemp yarn. It's a yahoo group.

    Good prices too. I paid $3.50 a yard for hemp jersey. The outfit Dakota has on in my sign picture is made from hemp jersey (the top) and the pants are lined with it.


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