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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by rory, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. rory

    rory Member

    A question for any of you knowledgable Amsterdam residents....

    Do you know of a coffeeshop called 'Sanenentereng' which doubles as some kind of junk shop, all i've found on google is a picture of it.

    I'm primarily after the address as it sounds intriguing and i want to check it out but if anyone else has any more info on it that would be great.

    I'm there for 8 days this time round so if anyone can suggest a nice c/s thats a bit away from the usual trail then any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    My current fave is 'Club Media' near Albert Cuyp cos of its laid back friendly 'local atmosphere'.

    Cheers guys/gals


    The only place I know of similar to what your asking is a place called
    ''Latei'' (Zeedijk 143). Described as second hand kitsch inside a quirky
    cafe. Almost everything (including your plate) is for sale.

    Never been there so can't tell you what it's like or if it's still running.
  3. moondance

    moondance Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    This is all I could find: (copied and pasted)

    "I was just reading a recently published guide book & saw a coffieshop in it that I had never heard of & was wondering if anyone else knew of it. It's just out of the Jordaan in the Oud West at 2e Leurierdwarsstraat 44. Here's how the book describes it:

    "If you're after a strange experience on a par with one of Mr Benn's visits to the fancy dress shop, then pop into Samenenterent, ostensibly a bric-a-brac store crammed to the nines with both brac and bric. However, tucked at the back is an unusual African hut-style coffeeshop-cum-conservatory, complete with reggae, rastas and table football. Definitely worth a ganja."

    Hope this helps :)
  4. rory

    rory Member

    That sounds like the place my good friend!!!

    I'm staying in the 'Jordaan' district too so it should be close to where i'm staying, i'm gonna go check the address on multimap.

    Thanks again:)

    Any chance of anyone with local knowledge confirming this??

    How good does that description sound by the way!?!?!?:cool:

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