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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Sweet_Sangria, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Sweet_Sangria

    Sweet_Sangria Member


    I'm staying in Amsterdam, but the person i'm staying with has done nothing but get sketchier by the day... the place isn't the nicest, but in my place, beggars can't be choosers... no running water, no toilet and a tiny single bed... none of which would bother me if this guy (seemed like a nice guy) wasn't highly temperamental and threatened to throw me out twice because i don't want to sleep with him....

    You see, my money (all of it but 50 Euros and my passport, thank god!!) was stolen my first day here, and it happened so quickly i didn't even see the guy's face... I met the person i'm staying with walking by a mosque near the rose market (near the centrum).... he was very cool at first, but in a couple of days he got ugly... i've been waiting for my friends to send me money (which i should get soon, goddess willing) and he has now more than once mentioned how much he's spent on me, and implying that i should return the favor.... and today (and yesterday) has told me to take my stuff and leave, only to stop me as i'm walking out.... this is not cool for me at all...

    I am hoping for the kindness of any of you folks in amsterdam or nearby to let me know if you or any of your freinds may be able to spare a room or a floor, or part of a room.... i will clean, cook, and anything (not "anything" ;-) else in exchange, i just can't be in a situation like this...

    Please send me a PM or an emal, and i will respond as soon as i can...



    I sent you an email, I won't be checking mine for a day or 2...0642683005 you can call or Tram 2 stop westlandhgracht, Voorburgstraat 24. Drop me a line so you dont have to be where you are anymore, talk soon AJ
  3. Sweet_Sangria

    Sweet_Sangria Member

    Thanks hun... i'll be in contact as soon as i can....
  4. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    hi jessica!!

    I hope you are doing better!
  5. Gadreel

    Gadreel Member

    You HAVE been to the American Embassy and told them what happened, haven't you? They normally help if it's an emergency...

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