At which age does drinking "become" safe?

Discussion in 'Beverages' started by Aesthete, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Aesthete

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    I poured myself a pretty tall glass of white wine just a bit earlier in a desire for experimentation. I felt myself getting a bit woozy but continued. I usually stayed off of alcohol because I don't really like white wine, I much prefer red wine (having tried it a few times! but there's none of that in the house), but just drank the white anyway. After this, I decided to go out for my usual bike ride. I found myself too woozy and lacking in coordination to really enjoy myself, so I headed back. Still feeling quite woozy. Now I'm writing this. I quite liek the sensation, but wish to experience it safely. I don't think too much underage drinking is good treatment to subject my body to. So the question is at which age is it safe to do so? I'd wager that the answer differs for males and females; males can still grow into their 20s. I'd think thosetwo thing (growth and drinking) are the problem. Am I correect in my assumptions?
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    The sensation that you are feeling is called being drunk.

    In regards to bike riding and car driving and anything requiring physical coordination or wise judgement, it is never "safe" to be drunk.

    Alcohol is an imperfect drug. Age (actualy experience) gives one the judgment to decide when and where to get drunk. It also gives you the confidence to admit that you are impared and unable to do normal things.
  3. fistermister

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    For both boys and girls:

    12yrs - light beer (with family)

    15yrs - full strength beer / wine (with family)

    18yrs - spirits

  4. BungalowBrad

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    Yeah it seems to be a general consensus that drinking is okay once in college. Many people (mostly guys) start to drink their junior-senior year, but basically everyone at least tries drinking in college.
  5. I started drinking at 15 with family, a glass of wine, or a mixed drink... maybe a shot depending on the occasion. I started drinking... with friends, and actually getting drunk at 17 when I lived in the Dominican Republic for a short time. Then, I started college back in America... and have done my share of partying. I still drink, but, am a little bored with the whole 'drinking to get drunk' scene. It's fun though... on occasion.
    I guess it's ok to start drinking with family at 15/16, and know full well not to abuse the privelage. As far as drinking... and getting drunk goes... I'd say also 17/18.
    It's more a matter of getting drunk, and still being a little responsible.
  6. fistermister

    fistermister Member

    Wow... that sounds pretty late. In Australia most of us seem to start drinking pretty heavily from about 15 (including girls). When I was 17 I didn't know a single person in my year at school who hadn't been pissed... then again, Australia has a high alcohol consumption rate (and apparently the Northern Territory has the highest in the world).

    I hate to say this, but we tend to laugh at American exchange students when they drink... Not because we are racist, but because they tend to have trouble keeping up in the pub. I guess its because lots of them are only 18-20 and come from states where the legal drinking age is 21.
  7. Fawkes

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    Yeah, mate, I worked in a pub in Sydney. Marrickville, actually, if you know it. Not a touristy place at all, so I got to meet a lot of locals. When we went out I was always schmaaaashed, while all the aussies were fine. Then I come back home, and many of my friends can't keep up with me. Some can, I won't say I'm tops, but there is a definate difference in the amount that people can handle.

    Too answer the original question; I have a lot of English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and French friends that I've met while traveling. Nearly all of them said they started drinking when dad gave them a bit of beer or a small glass of wine at dnner around 14-17 years of age. In country pubs in England you can see 3 or sometimes 4 generations of men sitting around having a pint. Alcohol does plenty of bad shit, but in moderation a little won't do anything.

    But stay off the damn bike.

    It'll build your tolerance to start early, and then when you go to college you won't be into bingeing like the kids who had never drunk before. Like me. I met a girl when I was in 11th grade. I thought alcohol was so evil, she taught me different. Still though, I only drank 4 times before I went off to college. Then I had been in college for 3 months when Iwent on a binge with the mates and almost got arrested. By the grace of God, the cop let us off.
  8. satirul

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    i had my first 250 ml glass of wine in the family when i was drunk for the first time when i was unconscious/in drunken stupor at 15.started getting drunk on a regular basis at i'm bored with it,i can't stand any spirits except brandy/coniac and absinth,but i favour beer.3-5 beers,to be more exact.the quantity that makes you feel good,your ideeas come one after the other and you feel great.the amount varies on tolerance.
    alcohol is bad in large quantities at any age.messes up the stomach and the brain.on the other hand,the more you drink,the more tolerant you become,and more responsible when you're,that doesn't mean you have to turn into an alcoholic to be can do that without the CH3-CH2-OH.

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