Astrol Projection!

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by MeowMix, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. MeowMix

    MeowMix Member

    I used to be really big in studying this, now I'm going back to it. Has anybody ever tried it ?Anybody want to try it ? Can anybody do it? Just curious.
  2. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    i used to be able to conciously astral project, and for a while even when i wouldnt try i would automatilcally project nightly....but for some reason i havent been able to for the last few years and have made no progress. it seems like the most important ingredient in successful astral travel is a particular mindset in waking conciousness....daily life. my daily life has been too "real" as of late to astral travel.
  3. zengizmo

    zengizmo Ignorant Slut HipForums Supporter

    I have never experienced astral projection, but I keep seeing LOTS of people talking about it on this forum. I'm wondering if this is a sign to me to pay more attention and try to learn--anybody have some good methods to accomplish this?
  4. ippi

    ippi Member

    Yeah... I have experienced it, I can do it... And i will do it again... Astral projection is quite easy if you know what are you doing....


    1. Remember out of body experience is different than astral project!

    2. In astral project you are in a "world of minds", so everything looks there different than here... In obe (out of body eperience) everything looks quite same...

    But how to do astral project...:

    1. Imagine a place where you want to project... Like your astral home... I have a little room what i have imagine and that is my "astral home"... When i have get there i start moving to other places...

    2. Imagine the place, and when your body is relaxed and you have totally control the body in your imagine you can start journeying...

    3. When you know are you in astral level... You can control yourself but not other things...

    You can look for internet for more tips... It is quite hard to explain...
    If you have questions you can write to me...
  5. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    the easiest way iv found has been exiting need to be clear headed and lucid in your dream though. then just will your astral projection. (its as easy as saying to yourself..."i astral project") after that you should feel an intence pulsating in you body (on an energetic level) if you can keep your calm through that you'll seperate from your body quickly. it takes practise to be able to explore for any real amount of time. in the beginning you'll probably keep waking up in you body shortly after seperation.
  6. zengizmo

    zengizmo Ignorant Slut HipForums Supporter

    Archemetis sounds straightforward, but Ippi has me a bit confused with the bit about obe vs astral projection.

    I had lucid dreams years ago, and I did wake up quite quickly after I realized I was dreaming, though in one dream I willed myself to spin around in the air before I woke up.

    I think what Archemetis said in an earlier note might be useful--regarding having a state of mind while awake. If I keep a mindset during wakefulness that my current experience might be a dream, and this sort of thinking becomes habitual, I might start having this thought when I'm really dreaming.
  7. ippi

    ippi Member

    Yeah... The Astral Project and Out of Body are too different things!

    Astral project leads to Astral level...
    Out of Body leads to Ether level...

    What are these levels?
    It is like going outside of your body, you see everything like in this world but it is not like the Physic says... You can go through walls and you can fly etc etc etc.

    Astral level
    Astral level is level what looks like what your mind creates... (i call this some time mind level)... Like you can go to another person astral world but you see everything by your own mind... So it is like a dream... BUT IT IS A REALITY as ether level or physical level... There everything just looks like surrealistic... It is different than Ether level... You can even go to another persons mind like telephatic... Actually in astral level you can do lots of things!
  8. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    i always considered obe to be in real-time. like when you step outside your body and are viewing your body in the moment, say you left your body at 9:00. in obe you observe your body (or enviorment) at 9:00. the astral is not bound by real-time.
  9. Wulfagar

    Wulfagar Member

    MeowMix???!!! your name is so familiar!!!!! I am an astral projector too. =) From Jonas's old site. Does that ring a bell? =D
  10. MeowMix

    MeowMix Member

    was it on ? something like that.
  11. Rathor

    Rathor Member

    I can do it crealy as anything... If you would like some help, just PM me.
  12. RylyC

    RylyC Member

    can u vist different cities and contenintes with astral projection? or is that an OBE i dont know...... i ordered a DVD on it so i should probably wait for that before i try it.
  13. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    I have been intersted in that for years, but my energy is spread out into so many subjects I lose concentration easily.

    I'd like to correspond with you in this area since you seem to know what you're talking about.
  14. Rathor

    Rathor Member

    Yeah you can go to dif countries but only in your mind... You wont actually physically wake up there unlesse you are either a member of the Nephilim or a demi-god or even a god >.<
  15. RylyC

    RylyC Member

    so i will basicly just be imagining it, but isnt that a lucid dream.
  16. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    Astrol projection sounds like a new kind of fuel.
  17. NecroDynamic

    NecroDynamic Banned

    Being able to have OBE's would have it's benefits... Like being able to spy on people!

    No, but seriously, if it is real, I want to do it. I want to master astral projection, but upon reading about it years back, I couldn't help but notice how SUCKED-IN people get to their astral travelings (not to mention how seriously they take them). In other words, I would rather do it just to trip out... not necessarily treating it as a full-time job!

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