Asperger's Syndrome

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Zajko, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Zajko

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    Anyone here have any insights or experience dealing with Asperger's Syndrome?
  2. chris_1661

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    Well i'm glad you've brought the subject up.

    I have Aspergers' syndrome myself, and was diagnosed with it in 1999 when I was 10 years old.

    It can affect your communication, eye contact, social interaction, body movements etc.

    I know what it's like, and it can affect my understanding. At school and college, I struggled to understand the work, and get the relevant information into my head.

    I always looked down at the table at school and college, and I didn't make much eye contact neither.

    I don't have any friends, and have always been poor socially, but I think that that is because people don't talk to me.

    I can talk fine, but it's just starting off a conversation with people that I find difficult.

    I often got frustrated a lot at High School and college because I was angry wirh myself for not knowing what to do. I've put myself down a lot, and I get angry with myself at college almost every week.

    Some people with Aspergers' have problems with their co-ordination, and even though my co-ordination was quite poor when I was younger, it has improved a little, but if I play football and I am in goal, I can sometimes have problems catching the ball, or my catch is a bit wonky!!!

    I also walk with my arms quite rigid (I don't move my arms much when I walk) and I used to walk around with my head down all the time when I was younger, but over the past 4-5 years, I have learnt to put my head up when I am walking - It's no problem now, and i've improved a lot as i've got older.

    I mean if you watch people, then tend to swing either arm when they are walking, which is something I don't do much. I swing my left arm, but I don't swing both arms from side-to-side like an idiot!!!

    I know what this condition is like, and it does frustrate me at times, but i've learnt to cope and live with it, as i've got older.

    I go to a club called Aspirations every fortnight, and it caters for people with Aspergers. Some people talk funny, and behave and act strangely, but without meaning to be disrespectful or sounding arrogant, I am one of the better ones, and one of the older ones as well.

    Aspergers' can affect people in different ways, and some people have it really bad, and some people have it really mild, which I obviously do.

    I was in a session about a couple of years ago, and one of the lads called Derek, when asked what his favourite colour was, he said:
    "Red - I like lots of different reds, I like flame red"

    I thought that was a bit strange myself, and most people, including myself, would have expected a straight answer, and I would have given one.
    I put "flame" red just to shut him up!!!

    Anyway, this is the way in which it affects some people.

    Also, people tend to be obsessed with like one thing, for ages, and I was obsessed with James Bond for about a year, then football since 2002, and when I was younger, i'd waffle on and ask questions about it a lot, and even though I still like football a lot, i've learnt in the past four years not to waffle on about it, and it's something that I tend to keep to myself.

    As I said earlier, i've learnt to cope with it as i've got older.
  3. Green

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    People swing their arms when they are walking to balance their leg movements. If you walk and you step with your left leg, your right arm will swing forward, and if you step with your right leg, your left arm will swing forward. The other arm will go backwards.
  4. lynsey

    lynsey Banned

    yes and I love 'aspies' and their view on the world/logical thinking patterns. Join an adult group with other's like yourself so you know you are not alone and then also maybe join toastmasters to learn proper communication skills.
    lots of love,
  5. zeppelin kid

    zeppelin kid Member

    I have a question for you chris, are you born with this disorder or does it gradually develop as you get older. And can you elaborate on the warning signs or early symptoms you had and how did you find info about Aspergers?

    From what you said I am really wondering wether I have this disorder because every symptom you posted I have and I have a feeling something has been going wrong with me the past few years and I have always been a very strange kid socially. But I excell in language arts and reading and other subjects which is why I think I am literally behind socially from other kids but ahead in terms of studies or subjects.

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