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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by harshhookah, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. harshhookah

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    How long do you all think it is feasible for a man to like a women and not ask her to be his gf. My friend says he has known this lady for around 1 year now and I know he really likes her. He has told me that he thinks she knows him pretty well. Well whats stopping him from asking?? He says things take time. But the way I see it is if she knows him really well then he has two choices either chance his lifestyles (himself pretty much) or to just plain and ask her out. 1 year seems plausible in my opinion. Any regaurds of opinion would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore I believe that the longer he waits to ask the harder it will be for him accomplish .
  2. Adgreyga

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    personally, i dont think there is a certain amount of time, at least for the reciever thats getting asked out. but the person who has to do the asking out, well thats different, especially if its like he feels he may ruin their friendship. ive felt that way before. but i do agree the longer he waits the harder it will be and also as a girl i know that if you like have feelings for a guy you kno as a friend and that you kno likes you, after time the feelings you have for him weaken (dramactically) and you even start to doubt he ever had feelings for you in the 1st place- just from a girls point of view.
  3. Xac

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    HA! one year!? im sorry to say that i think your friend is way past asking this girl out...
    sure they have probably gotten to know each other well and maybe are the best of friends BUT if nothings happend yet then there probably isnt any chemistry between them other wise some thing would have happend.

    on the other hand maybe they are both incredibly shy people (too shy for there own good!)

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