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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by dixie_pixy, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy Refried Hippie

    I was reading some of the Old Hippies articles and stumbled across this. It's main purpose is Communism (which we don't need to talk about) but the asker also posed a final question about pot.

    And the answer to the question was

    Are you a user or an abuser? Remember, The Old Hippy is watching you so answer honestly.
  2. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    i think anyone using any sort of drugs or alchohol wether it be in moderation or not is "disrespecting ones body"

    if u actually had full respect for your body you'd be out running and taking vitamins, not bong hits
  3. Buddha Fish

    Buddha Fish wanderin' fish


    i guess some would call me an abuser. i smoke everyday, sometimes twice, sometimes three times. i use marijuana for a number of different reasons. it makes me feel good, i'm happier, i'm more confident, i'm more talkative, i believe that it has helped me become a better person, the list goes on.

    i say i use it, some say i abuse it. you decide
  4. polecat

    polecat Weerd

    I lost all respect for ye olde hippy after reading his generic definition of communism. What a tool.
  5. I think the olde hippy just wants us all to understand everyone has different opinions.
  6. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy Refried Hippie

    It was meant to be that way. If you notice in the question the OP only wanted some background information and cliff notes. He just wanted a quicker, easier to understand discussion.

    While I do think that old hippy took a very negative stance on it (was very biased), I don't think he really only has a generic definition, I'm pretty sure he knows more about it than what was just in that post.
  7. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy Refried Hippie

    ^ GTFO x 2

    And besides, I do all of that so SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    You don't know me.
  8. twang

    twang on the run

    jeez. you need to squeeze a few more bong rips in there on top of doing all that pixie. chill..eaasseee...reelaaaaaxx.
    and also, thc = my vitamin
  9. Vapemaster

    Vapemaster Captain of a sinking ship

    Taking vitamins is unnecessary...if you eat fruits and vegetables you will get all your needed vitamins from them since they are absorbed from the soil.
  10. tculi

    tculi Senior Member

    digitaldjs comment was not even directed at you.....or anyone. in fact it was just that, a comment, not an insult in any way. So dont worrrry about it its all good.
    As for me, i try not to abuse it. I feel like ive had a long history of abusing it, smoking like three, four times a day for months on end. I really don't like that now. After all that smoking in one day i felt like shit. its not even worth it. Now, at most i smoke once a day. It makes the smoke a lot more enjoyable if you have a clear head going into it. I agree, use not abuse. Oh yea and don't fuck with dope
  11. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    The truth.

    Anyone who can dissagree, is either in denial, or just too plain fucking stupid.
  12. thisisme5

    thisisme5 Herbal enthusiast

    You wrote my post for me ty :cheers2:
  13. Severely stoned

    Severely stoned Senior Member

    Fuck you nigga
  14. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    i smoke more then alot of people on here, im not saying im a health nut but along with eating fairly well i probably take like $5 in vitamins and suplements everyday just because why not

    but i usually disagree with anyone who attaches "hippy" to their name.
  15. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    I'm with him on this, anyone doing drugs in a non medicinal use is. If you're drinking more then 1 or 2 beers or glasses of wine a night, you're hurting your body vs using it for health. If you're smoking weed for any reason that's not medicinal, you're abusing weed.

    People seem defensive about it, face it, most people reading/posting in this thread are abusing drugs. But is that bad? I abuse drugs, I've abused lots of drugs in my life, sometimes out of boredom, sometimes to feel better, sometimes for the experience, sometimes to just get out of my head.
  16. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

  17. neim

    neim Member


    why can't there be anyone cool around?

    what kind of a question is this give me a break.

    i do now

    nice sig LOL
  18. neim

    neim Member

    wtf. it's like communism for dummies.

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