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  1. toy wars

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    So I just returned from my second asheville trip ever, and it RULES!!!! if you have never been go. dont worry about transportation just GO!

    ok so a breakdown of my trip...

    (wednesday) got there with my cousin (who owns an apartment there) and walked around listening to street performers and giving them money, and walking around to different stores.

    (thursday) walked into an old bookstore run by 2 nice old ladies and bought "the Doors 13" LP for only 7 bucks. (a cool thing about the store is that they have a money drop box and a bookshelf always outside, and nothing has been stolen!)
    Then we ate at the mellow mushroom for pizza(awesome place) then we went back to the apartment.

    (friday) we walked into the octopus' garden and bought some "pipes" and some VERY nice incense. then my cousin brought me to the "pit" in the middle of town and we talked to other people for a while, then we went back to the apartment and had a few hits, then went back. when we got out there it was like we had time traveled back to the 60s. there were about ten people sitting on ledges in the pit playing drums, and people in the middle dancing and playing hackeysack.(and when i say dancing i mean "acid trip dancing") and as the night went on more and more people showed up with drums and joined right in. but sadly it started raining at about 10:00 and everyone left but one drummer. best night of all.

    (saturday) packed up my stuff and left for a 2 and a half hour drive with no AC.

    (interesting stuff) there was a stop sign with "BUSH" spraypainted underneath it. Also almost every clerk seemed stoned. there was even one that had some santana on and had his eyes closed and dancing.....

    So if you are ever in NC, dont go to greensboro or raleigh, GO TO ASHEVILLE!
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    I love Asheville. And I disagree with you... I love Greensboro, but Raleigh kinda sucks as a big city. Greensboro has an old charm... and I love Guilford Courthouse and Alamance/Graham (I used to live there with my Grandma). Elon College is a pacifist quaker college... which I thought was neat. :D

    Actually, we lived in McLeansville, just outside of Greensboro. Mt. Hope Baptist Church exit on I-85... it's just a little tiny place.

    Asheville is an amazing city. I've always wanted to live around there... plus it's in the mountains. I've only been there once, after my grandfather died. When you go down the streets, you'll see more trippy looking murals than graffiti... ahah :D. Plus, it's so close to Dahlonega, Georgia, where some other people in my family live.
  3. toy wars

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    i know what you mean, and there is almost no trash in the road! people are always going around picking it up and throwing it away! nothing like NY.
  4. Orsino2

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    New York sucks real hard in general.

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