as per request, my dready mop.

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by hippiehillbilly, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    well im not a camera whore .so the better half usually has to catch me unaware to get pics,so these aint the best but they will have to do..

    heres what i started with december 2006


    talk about MAJOR shrinkage,this is what it looked like one year later. keep in mind i didnt cut any,just let it go.
    [​IMG]and this is the this is the best i got for a recent one..
    cant tell much,but like i said,i aint a camera whore.

    if the better half catches me and gets a better pic,ill be sure and post it.

    well there ya have my mop in all its glory..:p
  2. Merrivale

    Merrivale Senior Member

    That's not a bad start for a beginner... :p

    On a serious note, they look awesome, in the last pic they actually look pretty "tidy" for naturals.

    Be sure to :cheers2:
  3. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    she says they are tightening up.. i dunno.. cant see them..

    maybe later ill try an get a pic up with them not tied back..
  4. chemigals

    chemigals They call me Chemi

    yeah well done for the pics, good to see them!

    They shrunk a hell of a lot!

    i feel better now actually seeing pics of them:)
  5. Callie4Strings

    Callie4Strings Official Spokes Bitch

    you dont LOOK like such an "old asshole " :)
  6. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Thats really cool HHB.. :)
  7. spiralmama

    spiralmama Member

    very nice!
  8. yumyum2k5

    yumyum2k5 Member

    I never expected you to look like that, no idea why haha

    Nice dreads! hopefully mine will look that good when they get that long.
  9. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    theyre locking up nicely. Cheers mate.
  10. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    dang thoes shrunk ALOT. they look good too.
  11. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    they must be so tight,they shrunk a lot.geez if mine shrink that much I'll just have lil ball dreads on the top of my head!
  12. Nova?!

    Nova?! The Walrus

    Luxiebow, your hair looks amazing in that picture!
  13. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    Shit, I thought you were a chick.......
  14. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    wowwwwwww, major shrinkage!!
  15. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    thanx honey^-^
  16. enayes

    enayes Member

    they look sick man
  17. gaiabee

    gaiabee Member

    definitely smoothed out hhb! They're lookin great! Mine were the same way... a right mess for a couple of years during the shrinking/forming phase - and then, as if overnight, they looked tight and mature.
  18. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    thanks for the kynd words everyone..

    yeah they are pretty tight from what dilli says. i dunno i dont really mess with them,its just hair..

    as i said before it wasnt that i wanted dreads,it was that my hair just started dreading on its own and since i havent cut my hair since 1987 i wasnt about to cut it just cause it was dreading,so here i am...
  19. Merrivale

    Merrivale Senior Member

    Are you ripping apart, or going for the true neglect uni-dread?
  20. amybird

    amybird Senior Member

    Lol you really talk like they're nothing to do with you :p

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