as i scan

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by teh-horace, May 30, 2006.

  1. teh-horace

    teh-horace for your pleasure

    through the classifieds

    i come across this

  2. canadian_boy

    canadian_boy Brohn Zmith

    I once saw in the personnals section : Behind Every Tree there are three gay men :eek:
    That was kinda creepy :D
  3. Micha

    Micha Now available in Verdana!

    oh shit:D:D
  4. bbbeccaaa

    bbbeccaaa 12345678910

    what would someone need a tree climber for?:confused:
  5. Politics are awesome

    Politics are awesome Politics suck

    I wonder...why....
  6. teh-horace

    teh-horace for your pleasure

    and then i find this one

  7. Politics are awesome

    Politics are awesome Politics suck

    i'm gonna check out my classifieds....
  8. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    We only have boring classifieds here. Haha. I'm gonna start ordering papers from other states and junk to add some spice to my life.
  9. teh-horace

    teh-horace for your pleasure

    you must really need some spice then! :p
    maybe some essence, har har :D
  10. hahaha tree climber? haha you been in training for a year yet?
  11. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    hmm sounds like a pretty good job i wish i lived where you did
    i could definatly use the money
    and for the gay man thing...good thing i like gay men :D
    i'm gonna go look behind a tree
    or is that only in the states?
  12. SunshineLovePeace

    SunshineLovePeace all you need is love

    ahahah i needa check out the classifieds sometime:D

    that tree climber job would be the perfect job for me:eek::D
  13. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    What is an experienced tree climber they have a school?
    Most little kids can be catagorized under that.
  14. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    ARBORIST. its a career.
  15. spooner

    spooner is done.

    Thats probably slang for a telephone pole climber or something.
  16. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

    to save cats:H :)
  17. teh-horace

    teh-horace for your pleasure

    very witty meli :H
  18. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    it's not witty, it's true.

    that's how my cat was saved. [​IMG]

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