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  1. whitley21

    whitley21 Member

    Has anyone here ordered from there? I sent my check to them on the 5th and have yet to receive my Bong. I'm concerned because I just got ripped off by CGP and am afraid I may have been fooled twice.

    They seemed legit but what do I know.
  2. have some patience. usually when you send a check, they don't even ship it until the check clears with your bank, which can take a week or more. this is just internet businesses in general... i don't know anything about that company in particular.
  3. whitley21

    whitley21 Member

    Thank you, I know nothing about Checks.

    Hope is restored!
  4. no probs. :) that's why credit cards/bank cards are nice over the net. it's faster, and if you use a prepaid credit card (i.e. visa gift card) you don't have to provide as much personal information.
  5. yea.. you're lookin at a good 2 weeks minimal before its probably even shipped out.. up to a week for postal delivery... at least a week to clear the check(sometimes up to a month).. and then.. you figure about 1-3days for them to ship it out and another week of mail order.. so overall you're lookin at almost anywhere from 3weeks to over a month before you get your order.. sending checks/money orders is the worst way to do online business
  6. whitley21

    whitley21 Member

    DAMN IT!!! I wonder if I can't change the address I'm having it shipped to.

    I should have just done pay upon delivery.
  7. comfortably_numb9

    comfortably_numb9 an asshole

    i bought my order with a money order and it was like two weeks cuz i asked them to ship it on a specific day
  8. CagedSparrow

    CagedSparrow Member

    my friend placed an order and it took a lot of him harassing them for him to get it like 2 months later. hopefully that wont be the case with you....
  9. 311x

    311x Member is a good place i guess i bought a bong with a pre paid visa and they shipped it instantly
  10. whitley21

    whitley21 Member

    I got my bong a while ago. The package was sitting on the couch for like a week, I had just assumed it was someone elses. My mom pointed it out to me.

    I feel so dumb.

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