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Discussion in 'Art' started by skycanvas, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. skycanvas

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    Yeah, I still want to encourage all you people to get out there this summer, especially, but even winter in some climates & do the gig. It's highly doable, just by keeping your cool & not pissing off the authorites:

    Tread lightly & avoid places where they are just plain looking for you. Go to places where they tend to look the other way. Big cities are more prone to this that smaller places where bored cops have nothing to do but to look busy.

    If I said anything to the contrary in other posts forgive me, it's the greatest fucking life in the world. I'm having the best time I've ever had. If you can live cheap & get your money from art, you can actually save a little for a rainy day.

    I just really still recommend a vehicle & if you have one that is probably the only place where you have to appease the authorities, licensing, smogging (if applicable) & keeping the thing looking decent & running safe.

    It's pretty fucking amazing, really & I'd like to see some photos of people in the act of doing it (art) for the sake of inspiring others. You can blot out your faces if you want to protect yourself & no need to post your exact whereabouts in order to protect your location from everybody crowding in.
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    cool this sounds pretty inspiring
    My plan is that after college, before i start paying off the debts, im going to try and live off the art i create, although i dont no if mine is as good as yours.

    and i also dont no if its any easier/hard doing in britain?
  3. cobcottage

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  4. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    I lived in GB for about a year. All I can say is even here, when the weather is inclement, rainy, cold, etc., people don't buy as much. It's harder on your body, too, on the road. But hey--try it. Why not?

    You & friends could crack & squat a flat in London & operate out of that, couldn't you? That's the only thing about living on the road when the weather is not all that great, but try it! Or try to do it somewhere else. Maybe on the Continent!

    The States has got some good weather & they seem to treat foreigners & out-of-towners a whole lot better than their own people :)
  5. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    Nice pics & interesting alternative building! It's art! Do you guys have a commune there or what? How permissable is that in your area?

    California is extremely OVERREGULATED!!!

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