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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Jezmund, Jun 3, 2004.

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    I spent almost two years on the jam band scene selling food mainly and sometimes nugs. never any hard drugs though. I followed String Cheese around for a while as well as Widespread Panic. spent some time at various communes in between tours. anyways I'm back at home now and going to school and all that. conforming. I miss the lifestyle though.

    anyways I recently saw the Movie "Around the Fire" starring Devon Sawa and Tara Reid and it was about a bunch of modern day hippies following bands around selling acid, and stuff but it wasnt entirely accurate which was dissapointing. It depicted the whole jam band scene in a negative light. It made the lifestyle seem hopeless and depressing. it definately was not like that for me and the people I was traveling with. unlike in the movie we were not tripping and rolling the whole time. Most of the time I was pretty sane. You have to be if youre gonna travel around the country like that.

    so does anybody know about any other movies that depict the lives of modern day "dirty hippies" ? have any documentaries been made detailing the jam band scene. I would really like to know just because I miss the life and would like to feel it again in someway. Its just not possible for me to go back yet and probably not for a very long time.

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    oh yeah. anyone live the life?
  3. Jezmund

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    Anyone know of any other movies like this one?
  4. I go on tour as much as I can, and I agree the lifestyle is not like what they made it out to be in Around the Fire. You do have to be sane to travel around because times get tough.
    I was mad because it was all about Shakedown street, Acid, and not the important thing. MUISC I don't like that movie because people are going to go to the shows looking for drugs and party instead of enjoying the music.
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    I agree that that movie, and most films or shows about our scene depict it in a less than accurate or positive light. I would love to see a film that nails the essence of the wonderful world we live in. Then again, in a way its nice that the real world hasnt tapped into our little paradise. As a side note, I am one of the drug free hippies. I cant claim to have always been drug free, but I do know that I am and always was there for the music. I dont regularly tour, nor have a ever been able to drop my responsibilities to roam the country, but I envy those that did. At my age, I am too old to do it now, but I still make it to double digits when it comes to shows per year. Maybe some day, one of us will aspire to a status where we can do a documentary to capture our scene from the inside out, and reveal it in a way it deserves(though one would be a fool not to include the evident negative aspects that often float around Shakedown). Whos got a video camera and some spare time?

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