Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by enjoibaked, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. enjoibaked

    enjoibaked Member

    I don't condon drug use.
    In Central Arkansas you can get some very good shit for like 1970's prices.
    A dime costs $10.
    A quarter costs $25.
    And when an acid peddler rolls into town, you can get a hit for $5.
    Blow is like $35 for 1/2 gram.(I don't take cocaine or any drugs for that matter.)
    In Cabot, you can find grass on the side of the roads.
    It is usually very discolsed and to find a "friend" you need to do a lot of things.
    Any way, I feel bad for you guys who pay twice the quarter amount for 1/2 the grass.
    Also, California grass has NOTHING on this shit.
    Maybe Humboldt Cheese.
  2. enjoibaked

    enjoibaked Member

    The part about not condoning drug use was a joke.
    I am sorry if I offended some of the people who may have looked at a few of my posts.
    I don't ADVICATE the usage of drugs.
    I don't TELL people to get high.
    So I am going to smoke my HERB and let everyone else do as they please.
    And on further note, if you are getting mad at me because I said I don't take drugs you are a fool.
    This website was founded on free speech and you are angry because of a joke.
    What would you care if I didn't take drugs anymore?
    So please, those of you who seem to LOVE me enough to find my other posts and call me a fake, you are entitled to your opinion.
  3. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

    Why are you rambling about free speech when no one has even replied to your post?

    I don't see why you say "California grass has nothing on this shit" it's some sort of competition.
  4. of course a dime is $10 thats why it is called a dime
  5. Trippin' Billies

    Trippin' Billies Senior Member

    he means 1/16 of an ounce...
  6. enjoibaked

    enjoibaked Member

    The part about free speech was added because somebody got pissed about me saying I don't condon or take drugs.
    I enteded that to be a joke, but they had the nerve to find my other posts and call me a fake.
    The part about California's pot was added because several people tend to believe that Cali has the best herb.
    There's good grass in California, it's just overly priced in my opinion.
    Nonetheless, if you get a chance, check this shit out.
  7. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    a dime is not defined by amount of weed but by being 10 bucks isnt it?
  8. enjoibaked

    enjoibaked Member

    Well, here a dime is usually around 4 grams.
  9. toke1234

    toke1234 Member

    haha wow... I'm moving back up to arkansas (jonesboro area) to do my thang there. Maby you need to talk to me in person if your paying $10. for a dime with .4g. I'll atleast get you .8g for $10. Double what your paying for.
  10. Guest

    I think we should be friends :) haha.
  11. go arky's i live down here n arkansas myself, been goin through a dry spell and been unable to grow. just got word a 'old' friend is sellin, YIPPEE prices are great down here.
  12. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    Prices are pretty swell.
    The bud can be somewhat shitty though.
    It depends.
    Not enough dank rolling through the town I'm in.
  13. i live in a slow town, and go to a stuck up school, lucky to find who i did
  14. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    Mind if I ask what part of the state you're in...?
  15. prattsville goin to school n LR. you?
  16. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    Jonesboro, attending ASU.
    You're at UALR?
  17. Phunctional

    Phunctional Guest

    u havent been to california if you say it has nothing on it LOL. no offense :p
  18. ScottDK420

    ScottDK420 Banned

    Staying in The Ozarks of Arkansas for the time being, having lived in Texas,Memphis,New Orleans,California,Washinton State,Chicago,etc.. and Jacskonville,Ark in 96 and 97, there is decetn bud in Cabot if you know the right people, but nothing compared to the average Cali weed, unless you grow or know a grower or someone who does, the bud you are smoking is not gonna beat the mids in Cali, much less the high grade I have friends and family that grow in Ark. near the missouri border, indoor high grade shit,year round, as well as family and close friends in California, Washinton,Oregon, and so on who grow killer buds, and the shit they call KB or high grade in Little Rock and Cabot , NLR area mostly is = to outdoor mids I have smoked in Northern saying their is not really good bud in LR,Cabot,etc. area, but it is way overpriced unless you grow or know a grower, lol..I have smoked some crazy good bud though from East of Cabot and Searcy in Augusta area, it was $30 for 4 grams , back in 96-97, and was some fire bud, got it cheap becasue my friend who sold weed and blow with me in that area then knew the grower and shit..Most of Arkansas has fucking shwag though for $50-100 an ounce, which is stupid expensive! Never saw shwag or brick weed in Cali, and never found any buds with a seed in it, mids were rare and shwag was non existant in Northen cali. it was cheap high grade shit,harvest time esp. you could pick up ounces of White Widow and NL#5,etc. for $200 each or less around harvest time, even if you only knew one person who knew a grower or a growers friend!! lol..comparing Cabot weed to Cali bud is crazy, you just cannot make a blanket statement that the weed you are getting is better than all the Cali. weed!! I know their is some super high grade grown indoors in Ark. because I have smoked it, but on average Cali. bud is way,way fucking better in quality, price and potentcy than Arkansas weed on AVG.!!

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