Are you good at talent spotting locally?

Discussion in 'Live Music Trading Post' started by Jess D, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Walking down your area on a Saturday morning, you may hear a fabulous band jamming in the garage. It could be your friends’ children or even your own kids who are damn good at music. Or you may see a classical musician by his window playing a beautiful melody on his piano that you just can’t get out of your head. You may even hear a school choir rehearsing for their concert or come across some glorious singing in a church hall. And you wonder to yourself, hope some day the world appreciates their talent and you walk on by…Obviously, you haven’t heard of 101 Distribution.

    Re-trace a bit, stop and appreciate those sweet strains a bit longer, sigh, and then walk on by…as your daily routine continues. No, not really! Now you can really do something about your brilliant local talent. You can give them a platform to launch themselves. You can put them on the world map. Yes, YOU can do that. Do you want to know how? I just discovered that when I logged on to Like Alice in wonderland, this website opened a whole new world of music. Set up by Damon Evans, who saw the same niche in the market as you do – he wanted to give a fair chance to everyone with a great voice to showcase his or her talent to the world. He recognized the wheels within wheels in the music industry and thought to himself, there ought to be another way!

    For budding musicians, getting signed up by a record label is the ultimate ambition. That may take ages or it may never happen. They would need contacts, who’s who events lists and loads of cash. By the time they have knocked at every door and taken every comment chin up, they may begin to wonder whether it’s worth it at all. With 101 Distribution, you can cut all of that out. You can register their music and bingo, they may hit the big time. There’s a market for all kinds of music, from rock, garage, pop to jazz, blues and soul. With the 70s trend coming back in vogue, if you feel you have heard some great stuff, do something about it. Who knows, Amy Winehouse, Jamie Callum, James Blunt and Michael Buble may have some serious competition. Come to think of it, they are big because of the labels that back them, the platform they get to present their talent. And sure enough, someone would have spotted them.

    If you spot good talent, will back it up with all that’s needed – image management, marketing. 101 Distribution will equip them with the right tools for successful marketing. And if they have an existing marketing team working for them, 101d will work closely with them to extend that image seamlessly. So imagine the next time you walk down the same street, people will say ‘Hey, he’s the guy. He’s the one who made Chris big!’ Now that would be some credit, courtesy 101 Distribution!

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