Are Women 70+ Interested In Sex?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by pepprrmill11, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. ozjohn39

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    Virtually all the senior men I chat with tell me they have not had sex since about 55, I was 54 and have been solo sexual for over 25 years.
    Like most of us, masturbation keeps me sane, and probably out of jail. I agree that sex with an uninterested partner is the pits, i would rather pull myself off as needed, which i do.
  2. alexsandro

    alexsandro Member

    No, they just need more medicine and comfortable bed
  3. Panama Jack

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    Not a woman here but, It truly is a mindset for both men and women. A sexual mindset. Senior couples have to work hard to keep sexed up. We do. We also eat right, exercise( walking) and have daily conversations regarding sex. We are always playing touchy feely. Spontaneous sex for us is the normal.
    It takes work, but the rewards are many.
  4. granite45

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    Oh my yes.... just wish I could match my partner!

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