Are Women 70+ Interested In Sex?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by pepprrmill11, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. jpdonleavy

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    Yes - just go to a dating site for seniors and you'll find tons of women who are interested in sex - across a wide spectrum. They may be less obvious about it - they don't put it directly into their profiles.

    It's generally true across levels of intellect and education.

    I've met dozens of women on dating sites - most of whom I merely corresponded with or met for coffee or lunch, for example, but it's been obvious from out communications that they're very much alive in terms of romance and sensuality
  2. jpdonleavy

    jpdonleavy Member

    I seem to remember you for other fora - generally being the dull devil's advocate
  3. jpdonleavy

    jpdonleavy Member

    now you're just being silly

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I Don't Know About All But I Know One That Is.........We Have Been Chatting In Town For Years And

    When I Was Telling Her About My New House Having A Spa She Gave Me A Wink And Said She

    Would Love To Have A Spa With Me.......She Is 73.......Her Son Is 30 And Cute.......Methinks Mum

    Is Going To Finish Second In This Race To Get My Body....... :D

    Cheers Glen.
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  5. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Member

    "News Flash" !! Health facts. The clitoris never grows old. It keeps it's youthfulness and usefulness for life. My wife and I are a senior couple and believe in a active sex life. We are not in our seventies yet, but we can't imagine not have sex then.
  6. tumbling.dice

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    Are women 40+ interested in sex? If so, PM me. :D
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  7. jpdonleavy

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    Every time I see this I grow pensive
  8. Stillactive

    Stillactive Guest

    Yes , women of seventy can retain their libido. My wife is 72 and still enjoys a good orgasm. She requires a little more time on the buildup than was required 40 yrs ago , but twice a week is now typical.A liitle bit of gentle erotica and a vibrator are useful helpers , but are not indispensable.
  9. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Member

    Yep, same here. We are not yet 70. We are very sexually aware of each other. We have sex 3-4 times weekly. Some times a lube is needed but her sexual desire is still very high. I am a lucky man. We do use toys sometimes, but most of the time oral is all she needs to get Her "O" and she gets a second one during fucking. After the second one she is done. I unload it in her. She is a sexual creature.
  10. Eric!

    Eric! Member

    Yes they are VERY interested. I have a few female friends I'm still in touch with from my past, that are still sexually active. They are into it for the pleasure as well as pleasing their partner. It's funny to see all the posts that think it's disgusting to even think of older folks having sex, not realizing that we all will be there some day.
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  11. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i just read through the whole thread and found one such post...
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  12. drumminmama

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    Ask my special friend about women nearing 50...
  13. Eric!

    Eric! Member

    My bad. Putting my foot in my mouth-time now
  14. Panama Jack

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    As one poster said. "It depends on the woman". I seriously can't believe my wife would not want a good pounding and plenty of oral to go with it when she gets in her seventies. In fact I have told her many times if I can no longer pound her to find someone how can, like a FB. We believe strongly in senior health and sex. Seniors are sexual creatures too.
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  15. jpdonleavy

    jpdonleavy Member

    Absolutely and (reaches for the envelope) some are and some aren't.

    Lots are but they also value playing footsie in bed while reading or watching TV - they enjoy extensive cuddling and they want to feel secure. They want to know that their bodies are OK in the eyes of their partner and that he'll be there for them as they age - if he doesn't die first which, unfortunately . . .

    However, there's plenty of bonking going on in old folks homes and not just between staff and patients (inmates, denizens, clients)
  16. Billbass1970

    Billbass1970 Member

    I met this 70 year old woman today and I'm about 20 years younger than her but I think shes in to me but I'm not 100% sure and this is the email she sent to me:

    "Oh trust me, I couldn't have cared less if you accidentally touched my foot, accidentally banged me over the head with a mallet or checked me for ticks on purpose."

    What does this mean does she like me and how should I reply? Any help would sure be appreciated. Thanks

    P.S. I do like her
  17. John1234567

    John1234567 Member

    Only interesting if she meant check her entire body out for ticks
  18. Billbass1970

    Billbass1970 Member

    That's why I'm confused because I don't know if that's what she meant or not. Any suggestions on how to respond?
  19. John1234567

    John1234567 Member

    Just ask to search her body until you find something
  20. Billbass1970

    Billbass1970 Member

    I don't want to be seen as a creep but I guess at this point what do I have to lose? Shes genuinely a very nice woman and I'd hate to offend her.

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