Are there any Hippies near Athens Alabama?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Stonerstan, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Stonerstan

    Stonerstan Member

    My pen pal friend,She's 20 years old,SHE and her Boyfriend,who is also 20 years old,are having trouble making stoner/hippie friends in Alabama
    she keeps telling me how hard it is being from limestone county in athens alabama and not knowing any hippie friends in any direction. The only stoner and hippie friends she has are in huntsville alabama and they are friends with her boyfriend mainly. So IF you could all help her out so she and her man can make some new friends that would be cool.

    Her name is Bonnie,
    If you want her email or facebook page I can give it to you
    Via private message. (I don't want to post her info publicly for safety reasons)

    I feel bad for them not
    being able to have many stoner
    or hippie friends to just chill with..
    So I'm just trying to help em out :2thumbsup:
  2. browning

    browning Member

    Alabama is close to where I'm at (chattanooga,tn, right on georgia/alabama line) not sure how close athens alabama is but it's just me and my wife so that would great for them/us (kiinda weird for her to come hang out with some guy alone) ,ya know? we are recently moved here and i would love to meet some new buds!
  3. browning

    browning Member

    if she feels comfortable give me her email and ill email my info so she knows whats up.
  4. browning

    browning Member


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