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    im looking into doing my grad studies in it
    is anyone taking it?? what school??

    im not sure where to start looking, or even which schools have a good rep for it. ill be seeing a guidance advisor soon enough, hopefully she'll give me more direction.
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    What area of archaeology are you interested in? Plants, animal, ceramics, a particular region?

    My boyfriend is working on his PhD in zooarchaeology (animal remains, looking at human-animal interactions, like what animals a group ate) & the department here also has a major name in paleoethnobotany (plant remains, looking at human-plant interactions, such as when certain crops were first cultivated). If you're looking for someone who focuses on MesoAmerican archaeology, however, you wouldn't want to come here. If you have a specific area in mind, I could ask my bf, see if he knows of anyone good (or anyone to avoid!).

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