April 15th Nationwide Strike

Discussion in 'Protest' started by YoMama, Mar 18, 2008.

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    There is a nation wide movement to protest taxes scheduled to happen on April 15th year at your local post office.

    I started reading about this several months ago when I followed a link that said something about are taxes legal? I was interested in finding out about it cause I have never really thought about if income tax is legal I just assumed that it is. As it turns out it may not be legal.

    I am going to post a link to a video in my profile message box about the strike which is being asked that you not go to work on that day and also it has been suggested that you with draw your money from the bank for a few days.

    It is very interesting times right now many people are waking up to the fact that the government has way more power and control than it needs to have. Our rights to privacy, bear arms, and even freedom of speach are being trampled and we do not have to take it. Please consider doing some research and you will see what is beginning to alarm many citizens of this great nation of ours.

    Many people from other countries are keeping watch on what the people here are doing and how they are reacting to the New World Order beginning to take over here. Europe has already been pretty much taken over already. Most of America seems to still be asleep concerning this "one world government" where the elite rich will rule and the rest of us will be much less than we are now. There is so much going on and Bush and other government dogs are counting on the people remaining unaware and unconcerned.

    Thanks for reading this.


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