appetite suppressants???

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by lucyinthesky, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    give me the low down on what's good..

    Don't tell me to love myself or exercize i'm doing what i can to improve that (not really but sshh)

    i just find that sometimes it's ridiculously hard for me to ignore cravings and snack attacks when i'm already plenty full. I need something where the fine print reads "combined with willpower, ______ will decrease your appetite" because i have a little willpower all i need now are the chems :p
  2. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    I've heard about hoodia.. theres some good stuff about it on wikipedia if you want to check that out... I've heard mixed reviews on it, but if you're that interested... It's supposed to be all natural :eek:
  3. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    diet pills can make you very nervous, anxious and fidgety. i wouldn't take them for that reason alone. anyway, i've been told that trimspa works well. a girl at my office takes it and she's lost quite a bit of weight.
  4. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    try investing in some healthy snacks if you can, so at least when you do get a snack attack it's not so crazy-unhealthy as it often can be

    I'd go into a health food store and ask what they recommend... something with low sideaffects preferably
  5. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    just take speed... they are basically the same freaking thing. (in other words.. don't do it.. you are beautiful as you are babe!)
  6. hummblebee

    hummblebee hipstertist.

    I'm with ihmurria - instead of worrying about suppressing your appetite, just change the available food. Make a point of not buying those unhealthy snack-foods you crave - instead try to have things like fruit, celery, pickles, etc. handy. Pickles work really well for me, when I've got the munchies. They're really cal-light, but still very flavorful. It might sound weird, but when I'm trying to lose weight another thing I do is just visualize adding those extra calories to my body. Does that make sense? Like for instance, if I'm tempted to eat something that's nutritionally void, like candy or something, I just imagine adding that much more size and weight to what I've already got to get rid of...
    It might be kind of stupid, but the visualization really does help me...
  7. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    i agree with ^^^
    but i also used to use these Jaimeson Apple Cyder Vinegar take 2 before you eat anything, It's not really an appetite suppressant, but the vinegar helps to absorb the food, or so I've read. It worked for me anywho.
  8. dawn_sky

    dawn_sky Senior Member

    What ever happened to that trusty combo of coffee and cigarettes to kill the appetite?

    Changing the food available for snacking really does sound like a FAR healthier and safer option. If the cookies and chips and whatever other fatty foods are not there, they won't be tempting you. And, if your body really is craving some sort of snack (even when you think you're plenty full), having an extra apple really isn't going to hurt you!
  9. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    Drink lots of water, honestly.... I drink about 2 liters of water a day, and it fills me up so I don't eat as much.

    Or gum... I know these aren't the "healthiest" mechanisms to curb your appetite, but far better than diet pills. If I feel like snacking [which I usually get in the snacking mood when I'm just plain bored] I chew gum, it gives me something to do with my mouth and tastes good.

    The best way to supress your appetite, in my opinion, is just to keep yourself occupied. A lot of people snack because they are bored, if you start to feel like running to the fridge even though you're not hungry, go for a light walk or something.

    I don't recommend diet pills, because I've had my fair share of experience with them in the past, and no matter what the different packages SAY... every single kind has always given me heart palpatations or worse.

    If you're looking to increase your energy on top of supressing your appetite, look into different guarana drinks/juices. There's a guarana energy drink by Vitamin Water that I love... it doesnt give you that YUCKY fidgety, hyper energy that crap like Red Bull does, rather its just a lift in your energy so that you feel like doing more.
  10. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    I wouldnt take them - google herbal weight loss and you might find something - what I have started doing is everytime I feel peckish drink a pint of water/juice - its working quite well lol
  11. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    but just because its "herbal" doesn't mean that it's safe for everyone...
  12. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    P.S. I could go off and tell you don't need to supress your appetite, because you do look great, but I know how it feels, and it doesn't matter what anyone says... if it's something you really want to do, you're going to regardless of how many people tell you you're gorgeous and don't need to anyway.

    So, I thought I'd give you some better ways, aside from diet pills... because diet pills ARE something I strongly DIScourage to anyone... bad bad.

    Anyway it's a lot harder than people think to just go from eating chips, to eating an apple... I won't lie, it's not as satisfying. So instead of that, just try to start making sure that if you're going to go for chips either you limit yourself so that you don't eat half a bag, or try to find ones lower in fat, or with less grease. Or switch to something like lightly salted white popcorn.

    Although I'm vegan, I am not afraid to admit eating an apple over junk food IS a drag. So just do what you can if you have a craving for something less healthy.
  13. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    I didnt say it was safe!!!
  14. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur


    no offense behind that "lol" it's just that... 90% of the world, if not more, gets cravings and snack a lot... and I wouldn't say all those people need counseling for it.

    THOUGH, if it does become a huge problem, or something that becomes quite upsetting MAYBE look into seeing a nutritionist/dietition for tips on healthy eating behaviors, and meal plans. I'm going to see a nutritionist tomorrow, because I've always had an issue with my eating, and I'm going solely because it's become upsetting for me. I worry when I eat, that I'm going to overeat, because it's so easy for me to over eat. So I need to actually learn, all over again, HOW to eat so that I don't have to feel stressed about eating.
  15. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    A+O's suggestion was the one I was going to give...

    DRINK WATER...drinking water throughout the day really does help me not get those cravings...and keep busy, too...(A+O knows her stuff!) I know as soon as I sit down and watch TV for a few minutes I get those cravings...
  16. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    Yea....water will fill you up.
    When you get the urge to eat something, chew gum or get those wax bottles that have the juice in the middle and chew on them.
  17. peacelovebarefeet

    peacelovebarefeet BuRniN oNe...

    YES on the pickles... pickles are SO good!!
  18. spooner

    spooner is done.

    Lose weight like a celebrity. Cocaine.
  19. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    I've heard about's actually what i was looking at before i posted this thread. I just hate how expensive these things are. Your suggestions were all great......i actually follow them all regularily. I've noticed a severe trend that the second i'm down about something or myself i go crazy on food because i've just spent the last few days beating myself up horribly so "im allowed; i'm sad" when i posted that thread i was having one of those days/weeks. They are come and go in the blink of an scares me. The abuse i put out on myself is like i'm a whole other person....when i'm not in one of those moods, like right now, i'm totally cool with everything. i eat properly, i'm happy, i'm myself again and i look at that raging girl and i feel bad for her. I wonder why she comes out.

    i just wanted to put it out there that i absolutely do NOT eat junk food. I eat very healthy even provokes teasing at work...which annoys the fuck out of me. I am rather health concious and when i snack it's usually well except the odd cookie binge here and there. My problem is that i just over eat even healthy stuff, which we all know that even if a food is good for you too much can still be TOO MUCH. Now that i'm out of my slump though, i'm going to get serious about looking into a yoga place. that's what i really need right now because eating wise i'm doing all the right things.

    thank you all though, and OJ you're right, no matter how much people tell me i'm beautiful it does nothing. nothing nothing nothing. My bearded boyfriend always is stupified by how i still look at myself with disgust when daily he hears random strangers tell me i'm beautiful or they love my style or my hair or whatever. That doesn't do anything, it's a problem within myself.
  20. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    you are sexy, why do you need to lose weight?

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