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    I have noticed something happening over the last few years and I'm not just imagining it. I just wondered if it was a local thing or if anyone else has noticed the same thing. Used to be, not so long ago, people got at least somewhat involved in things going on in the community. Dinner parties, volley ball tournaments, talent shows, spring cleanup, hell even voting. But this year it seems like everything that is schedueled gets cancelled for lack of interest. I noticed this a couple times before but not as much as now. A couple years ago, there was this group of parents that got together and formed an organization having to do with keeping youth off drugs and alcohol. When they had their first community meeting, nobody showed up.:)

    What about when there are 4000 registered voters and only 35 people vote?

    This county has hosted a big and popular mountain bike race for years. This year they nearly did not have it because nobody wanted to be in charge. Finally somebody volunteered at the last minute who knows nothing about it just so it could happen.

    Interest in the community is at an all time low. I have never seen so many planned and then cancelled events.

    Even the good old days of tribal get togethers is nearly finished. Nobody wants to go to the trouble any more. So, is this just here or is it everywhere? And why?
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    This is everywhere.
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    Have yet to see this, our community is thriving, local shows, Ultimate Frisbee two nights a week, Vegan dinners, all kinds of stuff.
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    I'm with Breakxeggs. There is tons of stuff in my current community and even in the small community of buck-fuck-nowhere, where I grew up and my parents still live, there's a good deal of community activity going on.

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