aparently my drawing looks poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Art' started by arlia, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. arlia

    arlia Members

    ok,so like iv never seen eye to eye with my lecturer,and she is really anoying me recently,i spend ages on a piece of work i dont even wanna do and she says that my drawing style look like poor drawing and painting skills!
    IS NOT!
    my workk is very gestural and spontaneous!
    i like my style!wat the freakin hell is wrong with my style!
    i flippin well hate art teachers! grrrrrrrrrrrr!
    so liek my confidence is knocked now!
    she said she wants me to get out of what im always doing!!!
    she said its poor drawing and that it always look too romantic!*ROLLS EYES*
    what im always doing is MY SYLE!
    no hers!i thought art was about self expression!

    so like what do u think!
    id rather it come from you lot than her!


  2. arlia

    arlia Members


  3. scarlettchasingroses

    scarlettchasingroses strawberry tart

    art IS self-expression.....

    ....i think your work is amazing....and i wouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise......
  4. arlia

    arlia Members

    it hurts wen people critisise!!!!
    i love doing my art the way i want to!!!!!
    why should i haveto change,i should only change if i discover a new style of my own!
  5. scarlettchasingroses

    scarlettchasingroses strawberry tart

    i think criticism helps, in some instances....but she shouldn't be trying to stifle your style.......
  6. arlia

    arlia Members

    or my subject matter!
    she wants me to do something consepsual!
    with some political meaning,i just want to paint because i feel peace and im expressing myself!
    although wen i used to be depressed and focus on death and the fragility of the human life form she told me that my work was morbid!grrrrrrrr
  7. Crush

    Crush Member

    Hmm, I think you confuse a few things. You can have a certain style of drawing and you can have the actuall skill of drawing. Take picasso for example: In the first years he was the best draftsman of the world (he seriously was) after doing that for a lot of years, he slowly started to develop his own style and he made the cubism drawings. No way you could say:"Hey, I can do/copy that" with all the realistic stuff he did, you might say that with his later, more abstract drawings. (there's way more, but I'll spare you :))

    Now, I must say your drawing skill isn't too good imo, but the style is. I really like the 2 paintings in the second post for example, but you could improve on the human stuff, there are some anatomical mistakes for example. It is just bad to say:"no, I'll do nothing else than my own work and style!!!" you'll just be playing blind man. If you'd get to know realistic figure drawing, get into anatomy, shading etc. you'll improve on every level, broaden your horizon and improve your own work. Since you'll get a better understanding of drawing in general you'll also improve on your own style and I think this is what your teacher means... you'll need to know the basics and rules inorder to change them.
  8. arlia

    arlia Members

    okies cheers!
    nah she does actually have a problem with individuality,she says she wants us to be self directed but then tells us what to do when were doing something differnt form her way!

    i used to draw really really detailed but then she complained that i was too slow and took too much time with courework so then developed a differnt stlye that i like,now shes telling em i gota change it all again!
    i love drawing human form,im doing feet and hands at the moment.
    but its the actual style of drawing that she does not like
  9. Amanda N

    Amanda N Member

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I personally think your work is very good.. but I'm just one person, and not everyone is going to agree with me...

    The important thing is this.. Do YOU like it? Do YOU enjoy doing it? If the answer is yes, that's all you need to worry about.

    (Tho, sometimes it's a good idea to listen to a persons criticism, it helps us all to improve ourselves...)
  10. arlia

    arlia Members

    yeah i knwo that!
    i know im still improving we all our in our own things!
    but ive grown to like my scribbley messy spontanious work!
    i cant stand being neat,it frustrates me
  11. mart_182

    mart_182 Member

    ask her if she's so bloody good then why is she an art teacher instead of at a party to celebrate her latest masterpiece - i like ur drawings and apparently so does everybody else on the forums, so tell her she can take her paintbrush and stick it up her easel:p
  12. arlia

    arlia Members

    that made me giggle!
    i guess it kinda gets to me,coz at college i can never get out my full potential,
    she doesnt encourage it out of me either,rather that i wanna hide away more!
    she is as subtle as a brick sometimes,there are certain ways to give critisism,and hers doesnt help me!

    and her work is quite good,its n my style tho,im not there to copy somebody elses ideas
  13. mart_182

    mart_182 Member

    darn tootin'
  14. Crush

    Crush Member

    What a strange teacher, she should know how to be objective and give good critisism, not just say some stuff and not making up her mind, do a portrait of her for the next assigment in your own style muhuhahahhaa :p Don't give up! :)
  15. arlia

    arlia Members

    it will look like why bird from play days then!
    she bears a close resemelance to an owl!
  16. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    The only problem I can see (and this was mentioned by somebody else) is the your drawing of anatomy, and even that is a million times better than I could ever hope to draw. That teacher definitely seems extremely overcritical however. I think your work is pretty damn good.
  17. arlia

    arlia Members

    thank you!!!!!
    yeah anotomy i do need to work on,but we dont really touch on life drawing very much!
    i did it for the 1st time the other day!
    my artwork doesnt usualy want to be totaly in proportion,she complains the heads are too big but i actually rather liek them like that
  18. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    Arlia babe. What you have to understand is that she ishere to teach you new skills and to get you to try new things.
    As the previous poster said if you say you wont do something different you can hinder your progress and your also shorten your horisons of possibilitys. Its very easy to fall into a comfortable place with you art (unfortunaltly im in an uncomforatble rut with mi9ne :( ) listen to her a bit and try new things, try some new styles and play about with otehr ideas. Your in college to learn new things about art. You can do your style at home any time... just open your heart to trying different stuff at college :)
  19. lkshdkljh

    lkshdkljh Member

    Your art is very beautiful, emotional, abstract, and wonderful. Do not ever think that any art work you do is bad. you have a unique tallent that you should really do sumpthin with. I would buy your work it is amazing!PEACE and good luck with your work!
  20. arlia

    arlia Members

    i love exploring,but wen i try she just says it all looks the same!?!?!?!
    i want to learn more!
    hec iv learnt lotsa new materials,and discoverd i actually really like glass work!whoohooooo!
    but im not gona pass kust by doing glass,i haveto make her liek my style?!?!

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