Anyone who can help me with the opinion of Spain about Iraq war?

Discussion in 'Spain' started by ilúvatar, May 29, 2006.

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    can anyone help me with information about how the people and the politics of Spain think about the Iraq war? I'm almost buried in information about what they are against, but I can't find WHY they're against those things.
  2. andrenio

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    Well, I think spanish people were against war for war's sake, what it means, the consequences for the people of the country at war and for the spanishs soldiers, and because it was considered to be illegal, as it had been said by the United Nations. But if UN had justified and blessed it properly we would have supported it.
  3. ilúvatar

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    K thnx :)
  4. Crosslight

    Crosslight Banned

    dude, what about you ???
    please, some information about what you are against, and why.....
  5. because war is shit....
    peace love freedom and happines for everybody in the world (except the neocons)
  6. upsidedown83

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    Spain was originally part of Bush II's "Coalition of the Willing" to aid Washington in their illegal war because the Spanish president, Aznar, was a right-wing friend of Bush II and they sent 1,100 troops to Iraq. However, support from the majority of the Spanish population for the war was lower than almost every other country in Europe (which means very very low!) at the time. The street demonstrations against the Iraq war in Spain, Europe, in fact in the entire world and to a lesser extent in the States as well, were completely unprecedented. It was the first war in history that was protested at such a high level BEFORE the war even began! In comparison to Vietnam for example, protests against the war in 'nam did not really ramp up until around 9 years (or longer depending on when you percieve it as "beginning") AFTER (1968, with the Tet Offensive) the war began. 2 Days after the March 11, 2004 (aka: 3/11) terrorist bombings in a Madrid trainstation the Spanish held elections and elected the "socialists" (PSOE) into power (current president Zapatero) who proceeded to pull the troops out of Iraq with the support of 90+% of his countrymen. As a previous poster pointed out, most Spanish correctly view the war as illegal. One could even make the argument that the war is one of aggression, meaning that it was not in self-defense and it was not legally sanctioned by the UN. In legal terms that is the worst international crime. It's what the Nazis were punished for when they invaded Poland. Launching a war of aggression "is not only an international crime; it is the SUPREME INTERNATIONAL CRIME differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." - Robert H. Jackson, chief American prosecutor of the Nazi war criminals
    Spain still has a small peacekeeping force in Afghanistan. But as far as I know they don't participated in combat there.

    Really, I can't find any reasons WHY someone would support this war. I hold a degree in history and political science and got to hear a lot of propaganda for the war when I lived in the States (from 2001-2007), but absolutely none of it could stand up to any simple in-depth criticisms.
    9/11 connections to Iraq: not a shred of paper has been presented by Washington as proof that this is true. Saddam and bin Laden were bitter enemies and there are more connections between Washington and S. Arabia & Afghanistan (most hijackers were supposedly Saudi) than Iraq and Afghan. & S. Arabia.
    WMD: not there... not even the ones we sold them in the 80's!
    Saddam = evil (presented AFTER no WMD's nor 9/11 connections were found): his worst crimes were committed during the 80's when he was our buddy who we sold WMD's to in order to terrorize Iran because they overthrew our puppet dictator (the Shah) who came to power with the help of a CIA sponsored coup.
    Liberate Iraq (again, this position was taken by Washington AFTER no WMD's nor 9/11 connections were found): Again, we gave Saddam $ & WMD's during his most repressive decade, the 80's! And you can't hold free elections in an occupied nation in the midst of a war! It's a joke.
    Conclusion: they want control over world energy supplies. And who in the world would support energy supplies being monopolized in the hands of a handful of elites in a single country? Only neocons desire this loony dream (actually it's reality). There are many conservatives even who see this as insane and our own intelligence agencies have released studies saying that our current foreign policy INCREASES the threat of terror: Iraq is now a training ground for urban terrorist warfare. War and occupation creates more hatred and animosity against the warmongerers and occupiers.

    You mentioned "things", plural, would you like me to attempt to explain their views on any other issues?

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