Anyone tried the Ecuador Strain???

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by cechmangoal1, May 12, 2007.

  1. cechmangoal1

    cechmangoal1 Member

    Has anyone ever tried the Ecuador strain of mushrooms. I've heard they're supposed to be good and have been wanting to try some. Thanks

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  2. Jack_Straw2208

    Jack_Straw2208 Senior Member

  3. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    growing or eating?

    i haven't grown them, but i have eaten them. homegrown. they were great, but not the best Ive ever had, cubensis wise.
  4. nesta

    nesta Banned

    yes, i have. they're alright. just like pretty much every other cube "strain," though. with the exception of physical appearance, there is very, very little difference among the various types of P. cubensis mushrooms.

    any grower or (like me) ex-grower will have personal favorites, based simply on personal experience and results, but in reality the outcome has far more to do with the substrate, the environment, and the growers skill than the fungi itself. personally i always had a strong fondness for cambodia and the classic koh-samui strain...but none of them were particularly stronger or had substantially different effects. they just grow differently, for the most part.

    now there definitely CAN be a big difference in potency, and even effect, depending on the manner in which they're grown. if you're growing primarily on organic BRF with vermiculite, then you'll get consistant and suitable results, but generally somewhat weak mushrooms (still plenty effective, just not super potent...this is how i almost always used to grow, and i ALWAYS got better mushrooms than what few doses of cubes i've bought from dealers)

    however growing in styles other than with the PF tek will often give you either bigger crops, stronger crops, or both, but you often run a higher risk of messing something up if you aren't careful enough. for example, using whole grains and casings, or growing on pasteurized manure, and so on, can provide with far better mushrooms, but you run a higher risk of contams, if you arent supremely diligent.

    mushrooms directly pull their "food" out of the substrate, and often the chemicals that make up the mushroom are not changed at all or changed very little from their original chemical form in the substrate. i've never tried it, but have heard of adding various psychoactive or non-psychoactive tryptamines to the substrate with the results of mushrooms with much stronger or significantly different effects than natural cubes.

    now you'll expect some significant differences between various species of psilocybian mushrooms, but when it comes to different strains of P. cubensis you wont generally find any significant non-cosmetic difference when grown in the same conditions.

    ecuador is good. but not really any better than any other cube. it all depends on how you grow them and how you like to grow them.
  5. cechmangoal1

    cechmangoal1 Member

    I was going to grow them in grow bags filled with a rye grain substrate. i figured if it's a closed bag with a healing injector site for the syringe, there should be little chance of contamination in the colonization stage. i heard that rye grain is a good choice, if not though, i guess i'll try something else. thanks

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  6. nesta

    nesta Banned

    rye grain is a good choice, but whole grain is best used as a spawn or in a casing. you probably CAN get good results from just fruiting in the bag, however you wont get the BEST results.

    and unfortunately the bags are an utter rip off, though to varying degrees depending on how much the vendor you select charges for them. i've seen some outrageous prices, especially considering they cost virtually nothing to make. they make nearly 100% profit on these.

    though not everyone has the equipment and know how to do everything like that themselves properly. in fact, i've considered re-entering the world of home cultivation of personal amounts, and have seen some relatively large amounts of pre-sterilized grains for somewhat affordable prices. i never got the hang of using a pressure cooker, so for occasional experimentation i may be tempted to get some of this stuff....but in general the mycobags and pre-made PF jars are a complete ripoff (not that the others arent, you just get more for your money and can do more with it)

    if its your first grow i DEFINITELY recommend doing everything yourself that you can. i highly recommend looking up "the PF Tek for Dummies," which is an illustrated and simplified guide to using the PF Tek. the advantages of the PF Tek are not even really needing a pressure cooker, as well as not even really NEEDING properly altered mason jars. its a good method for a beginner, very budget friendly, and will yield pleasing results assuming you are not growing for commerce (which i strongly recommend against...while i've purchased mushrooms before, i'm definitely against selling them, especially if you're also growing them, and particularly considering not everyone is made to be able to handle psychedelics)

    hope i've been some sort of help. if not, check out the folks and forums over at the shroomery. many of them are far more knowledgable than i, particularly when it comes to the more advanced methods.

    i'm a fan of science, and can understand some of it and like to learn and experiment....but i'm definitely no scientist, and CERTAINLY no mycologist (though i'll readily claim more knowledge than the average joe on the street, who doesnt know mycelium from roots or spores from seeds)
  7. cechmangoal1

    cechmangoal1 Member

    Are the grow bags a rip off simply cause of the price, or does it not grow shrooms well? I don't have expectations for large yields from it, just doing it for myself so that's not a problem. also i won't be around all the time to check on it so i figured it would be easiest to innoculate it and then leave it be for a month or so.
  8. nesta

    nesta Banned

    if thats the case you may as well just use the hippy neglect tek. its based off of the PF Tek but you never really birth the cake, and grow the mushrooms in vitro

    getting the materials for this is no more expensive than getting a single growbag and syringe. in fact, its probably cheaper, and you do not necessarily have to grow multiple jars at a time. i've done grows with just one or two before. it just makes it possible for you to grow MORE mushrooms LATER....basically if you're buying a growbag for a small personal grow its worthless when you're done if you dont have an autoclave or pressure cooker or something so you can reuse it. at this point growing has no advantages over buying, financially, and in fact you're likely losing money.

    whereas if you get supplies to be able to grow them yourself -extremely easily and with low risks and low yields- you'll still recieve many times more the doses of psilocybin for about the cost of a quarter ounce of mushrooms on the black market. its not that you'll need to be swimming in them or anything, its just that you can dry and save the excess or just grow more later when you want them again. spore solution can last a long time.

    if you still want to go with a presterilized substrate i might suggest going for something a little more out of the ordinary and growing philosophers stones, a type of sclerotia forming psilocybian mushroom. its taxanomical classification would be Psilocybe mexicana and if you were buying spores you'd want it indicated to be for the sclerotia forming variety.

    these are interesting to me, and i'm considering trying to grow some.
  9. cechmangoal1

    cechmangoal1 Member

    thanks for all the advice nesta. can you tell me more about that hippy neglect tek. is there a guide for it with instructions online? thanks again.

  10. nesta

    nesta Banned

    yeah, i'll see if i can find it real quick....ok i messed up....its the HIPPIE neglect tek[​IMG]

    k, i had trouble finding a regular page with this on it (its been a while since i've looked up this type of info, until lately....i havent really tripped for about a year or so, let alone grow mushrooms!) but i found it transcribed essentially on a messageboard:

    basically its the PF tek, only you let the pins mature in the jar without birthing the cake and just get really ugly mushrooms, but its super easy, you dont need a terrarium or rubbermaid container, they make great tea, and are smaller and fewer but also a lot drier, and they tend to produce roughly the same final dry weight per cake as a standard PF cake would.

    the PF Tek for Simple Minds (google it, you'll find it!) is the basic way to grow using the PF methods, though not following the original PF Tek to a T....its also an illustrated guide, and will give you a better idea of what type of results you'll get with the hippie's neglect tek....

    both will end up with some vermiculite on the mushrooms thats kinda stuck, but the in vitro fruiting will produce a lot more, making the neglected mushrooms perfect for putting in tea, but not for eating straight - but the effect is just as good, and you're growing the effect of the mushroom, not the appearance, and for personal consumption, not for sale, so using these ugly mushrooms for tea will be just dandy.
  11. nesta

    nesta Banned

    actually i found a decently affordable vendor to get a growbag from (but you must be careful...some places sell 1lb bags, some 3lb, and some dont mention how much is included - and they all cost roughly the same amount!) and bought a syringe of whatever random cube strain they have overstocked (cheaper this way, and i'm only going to do super small scale this time round)

    including 1 day shipping, it's running me like 56 bucks for the bag and the syringe, and i'll have enough spores left over to make some jars at home later if i so choose. the rush delivery cost about as much as the order itself, so its really not that expensive when you think about it.

    i still stand by my statement that jars are the way to go, particularly for beginners, and i'm personally torn between trying my hand at a casing again, risking losing it all, or using the bag to essentially make one giant cake after fruiting the first flush in the bag....

    we'll see what happens. i'm pissed i spent so much money, but its slightly more than the cost of two shitty eighths of old, dried up mushrooms on the street, and i'll easily get SEVERAL doses from i may not be as thrifty as possible, but its cheaper than getting it from someone who sells drugs, and will be infinitely better quality as well.
  12. nesta

    nesta Banned

    but yeah, i'm super excited about this, its been so long since i've tripped...

    should get my package in the mail by thursday, will innoculate asap...hopefully i'll have something to show for it in no time flat!

    i can't wait for the first flush to finish up....of all the times i had large quantities on hand, the most i ever used at once was the equivalent of 5g dried....

    i want to go for a full quarter serving in the form of tea for my return to the realm of psychedelia...

    it will also be nice to hopefully be able to trade some for pot.
  13. The Reverend

    The Reverend Member

    Nesta said it all so I don't have to but if you guys are interested these are my babies as of yesterday

    Equadorian cubensis - 14 days in

    getting hungry already...
  14. cechmangoal1

    cechmangoal1 Member

    14 DAYS!! I thought it took a lot longer than that just for the mycelium to start growing. That's amazing though.

    I just started growing mine through the grow bags i got. it's been a week since innocullation and also that long since i've looked at it. before i left, the was a lot of moisture inside so that should be a good sign that it's humid inside of it. I've kept in around an 85-90 degrees F environment so i think it should be doing well.

    Nesta, keep us updated with pics of your growing. i will try to do the same with mine, if anythings happened.

  15. LibertyCap

    LibertyCap Members

    Best trip I ever had was on Ecuadorian mushrooms. I didn't want to take them cos Id been spiked with acid a few years before, had a shit time and hadn't tripped since.. But I was in good company so gave in. I was in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. We took them and had a ball. No paranoia, just ;laughed all night. We went out to a bar and then to the comedy club. I think they'd be a good choice for someone trying psychedelics for the first time. I didn't have a single negative experience that night. It was magical and not too intense. They came in a clear plastic punnet, like strawberries would come in at the supermarket. I think there were about 6 or 7 in the box, They're quite large. Not like the skinny liberty caps Im used to here in Britain. Im think we shared one box. It was over ten years ago so can't remember exactly. I definitely recommend them.

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