anyone out there who can help me with my dream? it's driving me sleepless.

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by facade, May 24, 2007.

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    okay i know that there are a lot of people out there who have dreams waiting to be interpretated but i really need someone out there to interpret this dream. i don't know how to, because it's kind of a full story kind of thing, and there are many themes. i've tried dream interpretation websites, but themes and items in my dream seem to clash with each other. i would really really appreciate if anyone could interpret my dream in full, and i'd try to give as many details as i can about the dream in turn. here goes:

    okay firstly the dream starts out in a control room in an auditorium, where it's dark and there are blue lights which fall onto people's faces [i do know these people, but i've forgotten who they are. they're my clubmates though, ie, the people in the same club as i am. i'm in the audio-visual club of my school]. then someone argues with me about something [i'm pretty pissed off with the person in reality and in the dream] and then i storm out of the control room and there i am in the auditorium, where i see like tons of people [students from my school. strangely i don't remember seeing teachers] and then i see this classmate of mine [i'm on okay terms with her in reality], who shows me two hearts bent from wire. she said she got two of them because of some reason i can't remember. i don't know why, but i was still feeling pissed and i start walking down the second level of the auditorium [oh by the way this auditorium has two levels and red chairs. bright red chairs. the lights are quite bright, they're yellowish. and in the dream this auditorium is my school auditorium, although, really, it looks nothing like it.] and i see this purple long object and i don't know why, i'm still pissed. then someone tells me that my best friend [let's call her amelia] has died and then i don't really have much reaction. then this part gets kind of fuzzy, but i do know i made it down to the first level of the auditorium and someone important in the school [i don't know this person in reality or in the dream, but i know this person is important] talks about ameilia and how nice she was in real life. and then as this person is talking, i see her body [but i can't see very clearly for some reason or other. maybe i took off my glasses? tears?] but all i see is this purple oblong shape that's obviously hers.

    then there's this transition or maybe i just stop dreaming for a while, but after that i know that i came to amelia's funeral with two friends, whom i shall call bess and claire for simplicity's sake. okay then it's like, amelia's lying on this table [there might have been a few offerings/ritual stuff in front of her body, but it's outside of my 'field of vision' in the dream, it's kind of blur. behind the table there's this bright light but somehow i can see amelia very clearly] and i remember very clearly, she's in this pink top, blue jeans skirt and she's wrapped in this purple foil [you know, like cling wrap? yeah. purple cling wrap that's transparent?] and then people are like paying their last respects and her body moves to certain directions at certain points of time but at that point of time it doesn't freak me out. then it's my turn to see her [before that i'm at the side watching with bess and claire] and i remember bess telling me very clearly 'she died happy'. okay maybe at this point i should elaborate: amelia [in reality] is going on a school fieldtrip to tioman [that's in malaysia] next tuesday and the trip involves diving. okay somewhere along the dream someone must have told me, but i know that in the dream amelia died of drowning by the time i reached the funeral scene. but i think it was in the auditorium that i found out. okay anyway then when i approach her body her body just suddenly spins towards me 45 degrees [her feet were facing me at first] and then i just start crying [yeah this is the part that starts to traumatise me]. claire is like standing there doing nothing [actually she's not a very big part of the dream, just that i remember specifically that she was there] and bess tells me that i shouldn't cry [bess in reality is a buddhist and they believe that you should't cry at a person's funeral or the person can't leave in peace.] and then i just start telling amelia i'm sorry about stuff. and this is the weird part: i can actually feel her sadness. i know it all sounds quite impossible but yes, i felt her sadness. and the worst part is, i'm atheist. i don't believe in the dead coming alive or something. and then in the middle of my sorries and everything it just fades out again. then i remember details about her dad deciding to cremate her and send her back to her hometown [apparently in the dream she's an adopted child. which she is not.] in china [but she is from china] to be burried/have her ashes placed [the father's description wasn't very clear. and it was like a voiceover kind of thing] and i saw some papers about the transportation of her body/ashes, details about her adoption and more papers which i can't remember. then i woke up, and i've been traumatised ever since.

    okay a few things to note before i end off:
    - amelia is a really close friend of mine. if she died i would cry like mad. because she means a lot a lot to me
    - i don't usually dream. and i haven't had nightmares for very long.
    - i don't really know claire, she's like, a classmate. i do talk to bess sometimes though.

    okay that's it. anyone there who can help me? this dream lasted for about three hours yesterday and now i can't sleep. seriously. i'm really really dead tired and i want some peace but i can't seem to get any. maybe knowing might help. anyone out there who can help me? thank you so much.

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  3. shovel250

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    the symbols in your dream represent you somehow,or a concern.they're metaphors
  4. facade

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    thanks francesca and shovel250 :D erm francesca? sorry but your link doesn't work. would you mind giving it to me again? thanks. and thank you shovel250. yeah i think they're metaphors but i just can't explain them. thanks anyway.
  5. francesca

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    here it is agen
  6. Mirakel

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    please i know this is freaky, and i know you're an athiest, but i'd say its time to fix that. if you think your dream means anything, then you might begin to be believing in some higher power or something. so pray to god about it and see what happens. pray for peace, protection, etc. and if you have any questions about this go to my profile and email me.

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