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Discussion in 'Deadbear's Gym' started by rainyday240, Jan 31, 2005.

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    I'm Tracy 18, almost 19 years old, female, and in college. I'm currently 160, 5'4, medium build. I think my goal weight/body is around 135-145 and solid, kind of muscular. I think I'd like to work out 2-3 times a week. I plan to do yoga one time a week for an hour and do walking, stationary biking, rowing, and some weight lifting the other two days equaling about 1.5-4 hours a week. (1.5-2 hours a day)
    do you think this is a good plan? I just hope I'll see results fairly soon.

    As far as diet goes I am currently on a doctor prescribed elimination diet, where I am not allowed to eat dairy, sugar, grain, or processed foods. I will probably be on this diet for another week now and then a break then several weeks.

    What do you think?
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    Sugar and processed foods are definitely something to avoid. Grains are very healthy and should be used in place of white flour/starchy products, unless one has an allergy to them. What is your doctor's reason for eliminating dairy?
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    Hi Tracy,
    Might I ask why you are on an elimination diet? They usually do that to find a food allergy or sometimes in people with mood disorders and ADHD. Just curious, I don't mean to pry really. If you don't mind paying for it, and you are looking for a healthy diet, Weight Watchers is a good program. But if you'd rather go at it on your own that is admirable! As far as diet goes, I'm afraid I won't be of much help because I'm not certified in that field and I don't feel comfortable giving too much advice on that aspect until I have more training. Basically, what I do though is eat a low calorie, low saturated fat, high fiber diet. Mostly fruits and veggies, whole wheat grains, breads, rice, and fish sometimes chicken and lots of soy diary products (I don't do cows).

    College is tough. Time is hard, since you are on a wacked out schedule, food is a huge temptation and most of the time college students don't get nearly enough physical activity. Not to mention beer!

    As far as working out though, does your campus have a gym? I think the best place to find a work out buddy is actually one that you can work out with on a regular basis. It is nice to have people to check in with over the internet and such, but when you have a friend calling you to pick her up to go to the gym and counting on you, and vice versa, it is a lot harder to skip it. Trust me I miss my work out buddy so much, that I switched gyms completely! I have a free lifetime membership now, and I don't even use it because my buddy has moved away with her boyfriend. My point is, go in there either early in the morning (I think the hardcore, serious gym goers are there at that time, at least in the case of college) or whenever your schedule allows, and work out. Find some people to talk to that you might have something in common with, or who has a similar body type. Just strike up a random conversation, then ask if they'd like a gym partner. Most people would jump at the chance, they just don't want to be the one asking.

    Good Luck! And if you ever need support, just email me at

    I'll do what I can over the internet, but you have to get your butt to the gym! :)


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