Anyone near Branford/New Haven area?

Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by Share the Warmth, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if there are some cool progressive folks around here. I'm getting depserately bored with things here.
  2. Bobdadruma

    Bobdadruma Guest

    I spent the weekend playing my drums at the clean energy expo in Morris on Saturday. Yesterday My band played at a giant Hippie party in North Haven At a mansion. It was cool. There were multiple bands at each gig. We all had fun. Beautiful weather. Great People. Total Love.
  3. Parvardigar

    Parvardigar Guest

    Hey now. I just joined this site! Im in Milford here. Dont really know many people here...moved here only a year ago. Im into drumming, and all, and would love to find a drum circle in the Milford, NH area. Or just to make new friends!
    Send me an email.
    Peace and thanks, Jon:D
  4. Mrs.K

    Mrs.K Member

    I'm not far from new haven... but this place sucks big time...not many hippies around my way...:(... we should open up a hookah lounge or somethin...:D
  5. maryjohn

    maryjohn Senior Member

    I just moved here. Im in New Haven. I'd love to host a squash soup party. Everyone can have some of my delicious squash soup. I can drive out to someone.

    Anyone else like to kayak, fish, or do both at the same time?

    Also I'm looking for a place to watch the debate on wednesday. I'l bring the soup!
  6. onetimeinct

    onetimeinct Member

    I'm from Branford. Just moved from Guilford recently.
  7. slchanmo

    slchanmo Member

    I'll be moving to Stratford soon, let me know whats going on in the area!
  8. thoughtcrime

    thoughtcrime Member

    Guilford here. There are hookah bars in New Haven. c:
  9. zombiemuerte

    zombiemuerte Guest

    Yeah..I hear in,sleep,.....
  10. kayliemeoww

    kayliemeoww Guest

    I'm from the Danbury area, about 45 minutes away from New Haven, but I still extend my hand and say hello :)
  11. HiddenOne

    HiddenOne Guest

    I'm going to the University of New Haven so I'm around.

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