Anyone know the title & artist of this Latin guitar track?

Discussion in 'Latin/Salsa' started by AnnabelH, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. AnnabelH

    AnnabelH Member

    Hello all!! :)

    Does anyone know what this piece is, there's a mp3 on this site ->

    Its a slow romantic instrumental Latin guitar track recorded from the
    radio. I've been told its likely a 60s a bolero, perhaps Cuban or Mexican?

    I've tried several guitar forums and also music recognition software
    but so far no news.... Please let me know if you recognise it!

    Many thanks!!
  2. AnnabelH

    AnnabelH Member

    I have finally found the title. Its La Playa, a hit for French guitarist Claude Ciari in the early 60s. It has been covered many times and this version is an artist I haven’t yet found.

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