Anyone got 3 million spare?...

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Finnaz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Finnaz

    Finnaz Champagne Socialist

  2. Quoth the Raven

    Quoth the Raven RaveIan

    Yeah, hold on lemme get my wallet.. ;)

    Looks bloody awesome, though I don't think I'll ever see 3 million quid all in one place..
  3. nynysuts

    nynysuts No Gods, No Masters

    Ahhh, I think the whole of hipforums whould chip in and go and live there!!
  4. Power_13

    Power_13 insult ninja

    Chipping in a bit each sounds good for it, especially since...

    Somebody buy it before they turn it into a fucking offshore Disneyland. The bastards :(
  5. Finnaz

    Finnaz Champagne Socialist

    Yeah, we could probably muster up that much. A Hipforums Castle would be brilliant!

    Scottish Disneyland, that would draw in the tourists hehehe. Actually, saying that, it's got links to Robert The Bruce apparently, so the wannabe Celtic yanks would swarm all over it.
  6. Moon_Beam

    Moon_Beam zaboravljas

    Oooh tempting!
  7. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    3 million my arse! However, that squat does look impressive.

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