anyone going to FAU?

Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by MagnanimityMan, May 17, 2004.

  1. florida atlantic university?!?! is anyone going! i'll be enrolled as a freshman next fall. it's in southern florida! it'd be fantastic making a friend before the term actually starts =)
  2. trust me, you would like it. its a good place to go
  3. do you go?!
    i just got accepted, and even invited to the honors college! =) i'm happy.
    i just went to see the campus yesterday, and signed up for an orientation the end of june.
  4. I dont go FAU, I go to the college next to it. but I go over at FAU mostly evey other day, most of my friends go to FAU, but FAU is good school, their library is best I ever seen, most of the people are nice, some of the clubs over there are really good. the food is great, three places to eat on campus.
  5. Alexandria

    Alexandria Member

    I am from ft lauderdale also :) I lived in boca for a while and signed up at PBCC (across the road) but never actually showed up to class....I deceided to wait to attend another school out of state ( I knew I would be moving soon anyway) But FAU is a REALLY nice campus. Congrats on your going there! Will you be living in Boca as well? Wow, it has been some time since I have been back home....I really miss it! Enjoy FAU:):)
  6. thanks alex.
    got accepted and everythign as of now! i wont be living on campus. me and a friend have a house waiting for us (left by my friends late g-pa, rest is soul) literally a mile or 2 from campus. it's a beautiful house. i think it's going to be a fantastic time.
    i just took my first tour of the campus. it looks fantastic =).
    and apparently they have an AMAZING school of educations =))
    i'm a happy man.
  7. Halo of Stars

    Halo of Stars Member

    I go to FAU. I got my A.A. from PBCC which is cheaper than FAU. I also went to University of Central Florida and I like FAU alot more. It's not a college town but it's easy to get around campus and parking spaces are pretty easy to find. I've been there for almost two years now and it has been a good experience.
  8. i just moved into the dorms the other day. hardlllllly moved in, but still. got that ol' geeetar, and some clothing, so im alright for now. met a few people, but still having sorta a hard time. classes start tomorrow, and im a friendly person, so i think ill meet people, i just haven't met too many kind, good ol' folk around here yet =\. regardless, its really comfortable, and my roommate is chillin, so it;'s all good.

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