Anyone ever gone barefoot to a movie theatre?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by joemeyer296, May 21, 2013.

  1. joemeyer296

    joemeyer296 Guest

    Thinking of taking a trip this week out barefoot to the local movie theatre. Any one ever been? If so, was the floor really sticky and did your feet get really dirty?
  2. hillman30

    hillman30 Member

    Yes your feet will most likely get black.
  3. barefootman

    barefootman Member

    I've done it many times and yes, your soles will get black.
  4. JeremyLondon

    JeremyLondon Member

    yes I have,

    I have gone to the porn theatre barefoot many times,(talk about dirty
    sticky barefeet!)
  5. hillman30

    hillman30 Member

    funny and one can only imagine
  6. *pixy*

    *pixy* Member

    yes of course, several times. Just again last weekend (no need for shoes the whole pentecost weekend). Anyway, if i go shoed, I also use to put off shoes / sandals in the movies , just for reasons of comfort.

    Never had problems with the floor. Of course you get your soles a bit dirty, but i guess more by walking to the theatre than inside there.

    i guess you can try out without misgivings.
  7. Shakti_Om

    Shakti_Om Local Pixie

    Yes lots, just watch your feet in the rush when the movie is finished, people don't care much where they tread!

    Shayla x
  8. uniped

    uniped Member

    Occasionally. Since I often attend the movie after doing shopping or errands my foot is usually pretty black on entering.
  9. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    i do it quite often...your feet might get a little sticky but if youre used to that then go for it...i just did it last Saturday at the local Cineplex here to see Star Trek Into Darkness
  10. I do it all the time. Feet do get dirty. Wear long jeans.
  11. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    while most barefooters get dirty soles from nature hikes and whatnot..i get mine from movie theaters and concert arenas..LOL
  12. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

  13. crispy91

    crispy91 Member

    A few times. It definitely makes the movie much more comfortable!

    How was that? I've been wanting to see it.
  14. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    ^Awesome....I been a Star Trek fan my whole life and eventhough i love the old movies i like the newer ones even more!!! I grew up on TNG and DS9!
  15. kaalvoetpoena

    kaalvoetpoena Member

    I never wear shoes anywhere except to big deal going to movies barefoot.In SA we have a barefoot culture.
  16. Tech Mo

    Tech Mo Member

    Went to see Man of Steel yesterday. Barefoot to and at the cinema. No sticky floors as our cinema complex is very clean with large seats, Put my dirty feet up on the seats in front and relax.
  17. PatrickGSR94

    PatrickGSR94 Member

    I also saw Into Darkness a couple weeks ago, barefoot as usual. A couple sat down in the row in front of us, and my wife said I should probably put my foot down that was crossed over my other knee because the guy in front was making weird faces or something. But then later I saw his gf/wife had taken her shoes off and had her bare feet up on the seat back in front of her. :D
  18. Yes, I've done it before and it's fun! It's a different feeling on your soles compared with most places. Mainly due to the floors being more sticky and slippery. Your soles get pretty dirty, but also a little greasy from all the popcorn butter I guess. They get a nice shiny look from the movie screen light, so its really fun to put them up on the chair in front of you. If anyone around you or in front looks over they see a nice dirty, shiny pair of bare soles propped up on the chair! It's fun, and I think they feel good a little sticky and slippery. :)
  19. browning

    browning Member

    Dang I could never do that.
  20. bkcmar

    bkcmar keep those feet bare

    I have many times. wear a pair of long jeans. bring a pair of flip flops if you aren't aware if it is a shoe Nazi theatre.

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